A Space of Your Own

A Space of Your Own

photos by Juliya Rostan-Lezhen, text by Nasci Lobo

We all learn and work in different ways. Some of us are visual learners; some aural; others are physical learners. The environment we learn and work best in complements the type of learner we are. Some people need silence while studying; others need music to stir their creative juices; some need the energy of interacting with others to work at their best. The innovative design of our campus accommodates for a wide variety of learning styles and preferences for working environments. Common areas for group work are available on every floor, while at the same time cozy corners are nestled only a few meters away for solitary work. Where do some of our staff and students like to work? We took a tour around campus to find out. See more pictures of daily interactions on campus in our Campus Potpourri album on YIS Photos.

2 elementary school girls sit on a bean bag in a bright atrium using iPads

Florence - gr.2, 1F hub

It’s comfy, open, and connected.


high school male student sits at a picnic table on the outdoor deck of a school building

Oliver - gr.10, 4F deck beside the Chowa-an

There is a lot of nice scenery and there’s a tennis court across the street, so if I want to take a break, I can just watch people play tennis. Also, it’s isolated for when I really want to get work done, and it’s outdoors so it’s a really nice place to come to work on a nice day.



female teacher sitting at a high round table beside a bright window working at at computer.

Irma Amuriza - Spanish teacher, 3F hallway

The light. It’s just super nice working in this light.



female elementary school teacher sitting in an armchair in a bright room working at a laptop

Jos Hartley - ES Vice Principal, my 2F office

This space is a place for thinking, reflecting and connecting and developing projects. It's a welcoming place for conversations - where the sofa is a soft landing place for a chat. I love the balcony and view of the bridge, where I can hear the students playing and enjoy the garden that surrounds the school.



2 high school girls sitting at a wide desk in a hallway working at computers

Kana, Mitsuki - gr. 11, 4F hub

Whenever we have to work in small groups, we like coming here because of the open space and we’re free to talk without disrupting others; and we like writing on the whiteboard tables.



brightly lit classroom with desks of varying shapes and multicoloured chairs

Kevin McMullen - math teacher, 3F classroom

My room is a palace - and look at the view! I have the best windows on the whole campus.



2 early learning students playing on a green beanbag

Maya, Mirai - ELC

“The beanbag is the favorite spot and everybody like it because it’s so soft!”



young Asian woman sitting at a wide desk in an art room working at a computer

Yuko - Art & Design Teaching Assistant

Compared to the previous building, it’s definitely bigger and has more space to work in; it’s easier for me to organize, it has a nice view, and I can tell that the students can concentrate on their work.