New Campus Update: Main Construction Complete

New Campus Update: Main Construction Complete

by Bob Pomeroy, Head of Operations

New Campus Update: Main Construction Complete, New Campus Project Enters the Homestretch

  • Main Construction: 100%
  • Days Until Start of Classes in New Campus: 72
  • YIS2C Capital Campaign Progress: 10.8%

On the afternoon of September 30th we officially took possession of our new campus following completion of the main construction by our general contractor, Taisei Corporation, and we formally celebrated the handover a few days later with a Shunko Kiyo Harae ceremony attended by YIS directors and key project team members, including architect Kengo Kuma. Looking back at photos of the vacant tract of land just 16 months ago and seeing the completed structures, playing field and landscaped grounds today, it is amazing to have come so far so fast. We are grateful to the hundreds of workers from Taisei and its subcontractors, as well as our Kengo Kuma and Associates design team and JLL project managers, for all their hard work, dedication and perseverance in completing the main construction on time and within budget, despite the disruptions of the global pandemic.
Since the handover, work has been steadily proceeding on installation of specialized infrastructure, equipment and furnishings. Outfitting of the six new science labs and preparation room with fit-for-purpose cabinetry, lab benches, fume hoods and other safety equipment was completed last week, as was installation of most of the new stoves, ovens, dishwashers and other equipment for the gleaming new Dragon Dining kitchen. In another notable milestone last week, the solar energy system linking 360 solar panels on the roof of the South Building was brought online following installation of power conditioners.The system features real-time monitoring of solar power generated and its contribution to the campus’ overall electricity consumption.

A current focus of ongoing work is the auditorium, where rigging for stage curtains is now complete, and installation of state-of-the-art theatrical lighting and sound systems is well underway. Also ongoing is installation of IT and AV infrastructure throughout the school, including cabling, access points and other equipment for the campus-wide wireless network, and speakers, projectors and digital displays for classrooms and common areas. As this work winds down over the next few weeks, attention will shift to delivery and installation of new furniture, furnishings and equipment for classrooms, library, cafeteria and other spaces, which have been procured from around the globe. 

Although we are not yet able to invite the wider school community to visit the new campus, we have been able to welcome small groups of students and staff over the past few weeks and hope to provide more such opportunities prior to the move. Stay tuned for further updates.

Our school name freshly painted on the fencing at the main entrance.

Cabinetry being fitted in the art studios.

Science labs being fitted with work stations and specialist equipment.

Installation of theatrical lighting and sound systems in the auditorium.

New stoves, ovens and other kitchen equipment being installed.

The cedar reception desk at the main entrance of the North Building.

Testing of the field lights on the full-sized sports field was conducted last month.

YIS and Taisei Corporation, our main contractor, new campus project staff commemorate the handover of the new campus from Taisei Corporation to the school.