New Campus Update: Huge Progress Over the Summer

New Campus Update: Huge Progress Over the Summer

by Bob Pomeroy, Head of Operations

Huge Progress Over the Summer

  • Construction Progress Toward Completion: 93%
  • Days Until Start of Classes in New Campus: 163 
  • YIS2C Capital Campaign Progress: 10.6%

What a difference a few months make! Construction of the new campus has been proceeding at a feverish pace over the summer with hundreds of workers on site, and the main construction is now over 90% completed. The most noticeable change, at least from the outside now that most of the scaffolding has been removed, is the installation of the distinctive cedar wood panel facades on the west side of the North Building and on walls facing the Street in between the two buildings. The wood facades on these three sides uniquely complement the sand painted finish of the other building walls. Work has also begun on the playing field, including installation of the field lights and protective netting around the perimeter. The temporary construction offices will soon be removed to make way for ground preparation and installation of the artificial turf surface later this month.

Inside the North Building, scaffolding has been removed in the auditorium following completion of the overhead catwalks and infrastructure for stage lighting systems and the painting of the walls. Next up: installation of the decorative and acoustically functional wooden louvers on the walls, hardwood flooring, and rollback seating. Meanwhile, finish work is proceeding on classrooms, offices and other areas, with walls painted, door jambs placed, ceilings hung and flooring already laid in many rooms. Also taking shape is the elementary open hub, a signature design feature of the new campus. The overhead skylight is fully in place, as is the steel frame of the spiral staircase, and crews are now building the “lily pad” platforms that descend down into the first floor of the hub from the library. Offsite, carpenters have been busy building and assembling sections of the built-in shelving and other fittings for the library, lily pads, main reception, admissions office and other areas, with installation scheduled to begin later this month. 

Over in the South Building, the gym floor has now been installed and the painting of court lines and final surface finishing work will be completed in the coming weeks. The swimming pool is likewise well along the way, with the stainless steel lining now complete. Construction is also well advanced on the bridge connecting the two buildings. Much, much more has been accomplished over the past two months and the next two months leading up to the official handover of the building at the beginning of October promise to be just as momentous. Stay tuned for further updates.

More videos and photos are available in the New Campus Construction album in YIS Photos.


North and South buildings with exterior wood panelling

Scaffolding has been removed to reveal the distinctive multidimensional cedar wood panels on the west side of the North Building (left) and the opposing walls of the “Street” in between the two buildings.


Back hoe digging up dirt field beside the South Building

View of the south half of the sports field where crews install the 12m-high protective netting around the perimeter of the field. Excavation and ground preparation of the south half of the field is underway.

staff in construction hats on the auditorium stage inspecting the lighting and infrastructure

View of the balcony from the auditorium floor


staff in construction hats on auditorium stage inspecting flooring and infrastructure

Auditorium walls have been painted and overhead infrastructure for stage lighting completed, with flooring work and installation of the rollback seating to follow in the coming weeks.

bags of soil lined up to be layed in the western roof garden

Garden beds are nearly complete, as of July 31 on the 3rd floor garden next to the skylight overlooking the elementary open hub.


view of the skylight beside the western roof top garden

3F skylight and garden on July 13.

white floor lining of 25m pool is installed now

The stainless steel lining of the 25m swimming pool in the South Building glistens in the sunlight shining through the large windows.


partially installed wood floor of the double gym

Installation of the double gym floor on July 13 nears completion.