New Campus Update: Construction More than One-Quarter Complete

New Campus Update: Construction More than One-Quarter Complete

Construction More than One-Quarter Complete as We Reach Year-end

As of December 17, 2020

  • Construction Progress Toward Completion: 27%
  • Days Until Start of Classes in New Campus:  391 
  • YIS2C Capital Campaign Progress: 7.3%

Thinking back over the year as we approach the end of 2020 it is hard to believe that just seven months ago the new campus site was basically a vacant field. Now, the completed 4-story steel framework of the North Building rises impressively from the site and installation of the autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC) structural wall panels is moving quickly ahead. The performing arts wing is already fully enclosed, with roof work scheduled to start next week. Steel framework for the South Building is nearly halfway toward completion, with the pool area now fully framed. The scale, speed and precision of the framing work is truly impressive to see, including watching crews lift and maneuver into place a 6.5-ton 32m-long steel truss in less than 5 minutes. 

A recent visit to the site with the Board of Directors afforded the chance to walk through the North Building and get a tangible sense of the interior spaces for the first time, including the two-story elementary open hub and spacious classrooms, music and drama rooms and auditorium, and the Japanese Culture Program multipurpose structure on the fourth floor. Along the east wall of the building, which faces a tree-lined pedestrian and bicycle pathway, the evergreen growth mixed with brightly colored maples presented a lovely view through the large window frames and Performing Arts wing entrance. The group was also able to walk through the “street” between the two buildings. This 13.5m-wide by 50m-long space, including a large shaded area covered by the bridge connecting the second floors of the buildings, will be a communal hub for play and relaxation. 

In parallel with the actual construction, we are hard at work with the interior design and selection of furniture, fittings and equipment, a massive task including everything from scoreboards for the gyms to classroom furniture to library shelving to door handles and water faucets. As with the core construction, the fitting out of the new campus involves a huge investment.

YIS2C Capital Campaign

We thank everyone who has contributed to the YIS2C Capital Campaign so far and hope that more members of the YIS community will be inspired to support this effort. Capital campaign funding will support numerous enhancements to the new campus, including areas such as play spaces, greening the campus, sustainability, performing arts and athletics. One particular area of focus is the solar panel installation that will help us reduce the carbon footprint of the new campus. The installation is a part of the sustainability theme of the campus that incorporates passive design, energy efficient systems and equipment, gardens and other green spaces as well as the use of wood and other natural materials to reduce our impact on the environment. All donations - no matter how large or small - are greatly appreciated. Please also note that donations to the capital campaign are tax-deductible. See the Ways to Give page for details.

More videos and photos are available in the New Campus Construction album in YIS Photos.


Construction site with North and South Building steel frames and scaffolding

Mid-December site view

view from interior looking out through doorway at autumnal coloured trees

Autumnal colors of the pedestrian and bicycle path can be seen outside the entrance to the performing arts wing.

steel frame of south building covered in scaffolding

Steel framework for the pool area complete, framing of the South Building continues.

Head of School Craig Coutts walking between the north and south building, known as the street

Craig Coutts walks along the “street” in between the North and South buildings.

view of the HUB space in the north building covered in scaffolding

View into the elementary open hub. The two-story-high space will be covered by a massive skylight.


Crews get ready to lift 32m-long 6.5t steel truss into place atop the South Building.