ES Production: The Haunted Hotel

ES Production: The Haunted Hotel

by Sam Abernethy, ES & MS Drama teacher

In the enchanting corridors of Victor’s Hotel, a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms, an extraordinary event is set to unfold this Friday. Here, every visit promises an unforgettable experience, brimming with spooky fun. This is the essence of The Haunted Hotel, a unique production brought to life by the imaginative minds of our Elementary students.

The beginning of this captivating show can be traced back to Writers' Day when Grade 5 students poured their creativity into crafting the storyline. Since then, students from different grades have taken on various roles, from actors and dancers to singers, working tirelessly to bring the show to life with their talents. The Haunted Hotel is a testament to the power of collaboration, demonstrating how students of different ages and skill levels can come together to create a masterpiece.

ES students, teachers and parents gather together for rehearsals in the Black Box Theatre

Beyond the limelight, this endeavor serves as a dynamic learning experience. It interweaves the curriculum with real-life skills, such as social interaction, creative thinking, and self-management. The journey of bringing The Haunted Hotel to the stage has facilitated deep connections and relationships among students of different grades, fostering a supportive environment where each learner is encouraged to aid in the creative process. This collective effort highlights the significance of community and the impact of working together towards a shared objective.

Moreover, this year's production has expanded its educational reach, involving not just students but also parents and teachers, embarking on a shared journey of discovery and growth. This inclusive approach has allowed the entire school community to explore new territories, embracing risks and overcoming challenges together. The anticipation of presenting their hard work to an audience fills the students with a mix of nervous energy and excitement, a precursor to the immense satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that await them post-performance.

ES Production rehearsals in full swing with students performing, checking the script and in tech team roles

The Haunted Hotel is more than just a school play; it is a vibrant example of how education can transcend traditional boundaries, embedding valuable life lessons within the creative arts. As the curtain rises this Friday, the audience can expect more than just entertainment. They will witness the culmination of months of dedication, a celebration of creativity, and the powerful bond of community.

Tickets are available online now.