Making a Splash!

Making a Splash!

by Jay Brownrigg, Aquatics Program Manager

The YIS swim team has continued to make a splash with its outstanding achievements and dedication. Our team, consisting of 72 swimmers from grades 2 - 12, is a testament to the school’s commitment to allowing students to display their skills in differing environments. These swimmers are not only improving their skills and setting personal best times, but also embodying our LIVE LEARN LEAD culture.

What sets the YIS swim team apart is its unique position as the only athletic team at our school that competes year-round. This continuous commitment ensures that our swimmers are always in top form, ready to take on challenges in every season. Their hard work and perseverance are evident in every practice and meet.

Swim team members and coaches pose for a photograph after enjoying success together at a recent swim meet 

Throughout the year, the YIS swim team has participated in numerous swim meets, showcasing their talents and competitive spirit. Our swimmers have competed in various locations, from local meets here at YIS to other events in Tokyo and even as far as Taiwan for the AISA Championships. These experiences not only hone their skills but also foster a sense of camaraderie and cultural exchange.

Each member of the team brings a unique energy and dedication to the pool. The younger swimmers, starting as early as grade 2, look up to their older teammates, creating a supportive environment that encourages growth and learning. The older swimmers, in turn, lead by example, demonstrating the importance of discipline and teamwork.

Swim team members gather together in the YIS pool for an official team photograph

The success of the YIS swim team would not be possible without the unwavering support of our coaches. Their dedication to the team is unparalleled, as they spend countless hours training and mentoring our swimmers. They push each swimmer to reach their full potential, emphasizing the importance of technique, endurance, and mental strength. A big thank you to all our coaches for their relentless effort and passion for the sport.

We must also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the parents. Their support, whether it’s driving swimmers to early morning practices or cheering from the stands during meets, plays a crucial role in our team’s success. Their encouragement and involvement are deeply appreciated by everyone involved.

As we look forward to the next year, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. With the foundation we have built this year, the YIS swim team is poised for even greater achievements. Our swimmers are ready to dive into new challenges, continue setting personal bests, and represent YIS with pride.