Looking Back on E-Learning

Looking Back on E-Learning

Looking Back on E-Learning
by Gr. 5 students Miku and Rena

Grade 5 students, Miku and Rena, tell us in their own words what they learned about themselves during Continuous Learning (E-Learning).

      As you know, because of Covid-19, we have had home learning more than once this school year. To be honest, we think most grade five students didn’t like that we couldn’t see our friends or get involved in our learning together. Now we might look back on our learning and think, did I put in a good effort? Was I balanced with fun things and school activities?

      E-learning was like an earthquake. So sudden, but was over in a few weeks and there were aftershocks too because we had to do it again and again. Something that really helped us to be balanced was making a schedule to keep track of what we needed to do in a certain amount of time and some fun things that we wanted to do. We also used E-learning to our advantage to manage our own learning time and not be rushed. For example, whenever there was extra time Miku would write a story, and Rena would spend time playing with her new puppy, Tango.

Rena’s Puppy Tango - a brown and white beagle

Rena's puppy, Tango

elementary school girl writing  a story in her notebook

 Miku's story writing 

     Another thing that helped was having a growth mindset, meaning that we stayed positive and kept on trying. The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset and is when we think we can’t do something or think badly about ourselves when we are sad or frustrated. Some of us set goals and put extra things into our schedules to challenge us, like a bonus activity. Something that helped us was looking at the schedule our teacher made with the events of the week included.  From that, we made our own schedules.

student daily schedule written in a notebook with the time, the action item and an "Extra" column

An example of our daily schedule


     During our daily Zoom meetings, we noticed that many students in our class had their cameras turned off and some of us were not really involved in the conversation. To help us improve our communication skills, we set personal goals to help us try to be more involved in our meetings and also to help us speak clearer and louder. 

     For me, Miku, what I learned about myself during E-learning was that going to school was better for me than working at home because my mom was always home and she would make me let her check my work, and if she noticed a mistake she would make the activity longer than at school.  I missed taking breaks between activities.

     For me, Rena, I learned that I work better independently without distractions or noises. Also, when recording my learning, it was hard to make my recording clear and limit background noise. It was quite crowded in my house because everyone was home learning or working too. One way I took charge to help record more clearly was to find a quiet space to do it such as my room. One thing I missed though, was seeing my friends and interacting normally face to face and not on Zoom. 

pink stationery - pencil case with black cat heads, bear calculator and pencils

Rena's learning tools

black peanut-shaped bean bag

Rena's learning space

elementary schoool girl in a kitchen with water, peanut butter and other items conducting an experiment
Miku conducting science experiments at home

     We are grateful that we could return to campus and see our friends. We are all fighting Covid-19 and we are wearing masks at school. We are also taking extra precautions to ensure safety. Hopefully one day we can be showing our faces at school and we won’t be worried about Covid-19. We are working together to be safe and hope Covid-19 will end soon.