The PYP Exhibition: Knowledge, Voice and the Courage to Make a Difference…

The PYP Exhibition: Knowledge, Voice and the Courage to Make a Difference…

by Jocelyn Hartley, ES Vice Principal and PYP Coordinator

Our Grade 5 students know there is so much beauty in our world to wonder about, understand and appreciate. Throughout their schooling, they have learned about people, cultures and ways of being. They have researched scientific phenomena and the Earth’s spectacular natural environments; they have inquired into human made landscapes and innovations, impressive in their design and in the ways they make our lives easier. They have learned languages - spoken, written, musical, mathematical and visual. They have interacted with others, collaborating in sports and passion activities. They have also learned that there are issues to be concerned about - inequalities in economies, societies and environments, natural and human made disasters, and personal concerns about family, relationships and community. 

The PYP Exhibition is an incredible opportunity for us to celebrate our Grade 5 learners who, through inquiry learning into significant, relevant, real world concepts and topics become knowledgeable about them. They come to understand opposing perspectives and they use critical thinking skills to evaluate situations and come to their own conclusions. Throughout the process, they demonstrate the skills and dispositions of critical thinkers, communicators and the ability to take ownership of their inquiries. 

Service Learning and action taking is part of who we are. Investigations into social justice, equity and sustainability are woven throughout our units of inquiry and amplified in our Service Learning Program. Concepts and dispositions that students use as lenses for inquiry include causation, responsibility, integrity, principled and caring. When learners have opportunities to develop these dispositions and to inquire and act throughout their schooling, the PYP Exhibition is a natural extension to all they have learned about leading change. 

a group of elementary students wearing black PYPx 2020-2021 t-shirts watching a presentation on environmental design
large sheet of white paper with SDG#7 in the middle and written thoughts, ideas and opinions around the central theme

Our learners want to create a better and more peaceful world. Throughout the exhibition process, they demonstrate curiosity and confidence to probe the decision making of others. They dig into historical and contemporary moments in time, and delve into the consequences of natural and human made disasters. They are open-minded to different cultures, they embrace diversity, and they appreciate the environment. With confidence, they state what is fair and just and good for the community and the world. 

YIS learners articulate their thinking with passion and respect. They present possible solutions to problems because they understand they have a voice. They believe that they are the agents of change, and they have the capacity to make a difference in the world now, and in their future lives. Our learners have knowledge, they have opinions and they have plans - how exciting! 

elementary school girl wearing a mask and holding a handmade t-shirt that says %22being different is cool%22

Please join in the celebration of learning. Visit the PYPx 2020-21 website to see the action our Grade 5 learners are taking to make a difference! Pictures of their peer-to-peer sharing are available in YIS Photos.