Get Ready For Winter Fun and Games!

Get Ready For Winter Fun and Games!

by Kaoru Fukui, Maria Brackin and Yuri Morita (YIS PTSA members)

Get ready to embrace the chill and warm up with fun and excitement! The PTSA are at it again, gearing up to host our school's much anticipated event of the season, Winter Fun and Games!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 17, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, as we transform our school into a winter playground for the entire community to enjoy. Prepare to meet the wizards behind the scenes, our dedicated parents of the Events Team, Yuri Morita (K), Gauri Tikku (G3), Mio Rydar (G4, G10), Martin Rydar (G4, G10) Lisa Lerberg Kopstad (G4, G6, G8) and Charu Bansal (G10), who have worked tirelessly to ensure a super fun experience for the YIS community.

After the resounding success of our Winter Wonderland event, we're back with even more excitement and entertainment for everyone. Whether you're a student, parent, teacher, or staff member, this event promises something special for everyone.


PTSA Winter Wonderland event held on campus during December 2022

What to Expect!

Cultural Games: Ever wondered what kind of games kids (and adults) play in different countries during the winter season and holidays? At Winter Fun and Games, you'll have the chance to experience a variety of games played with family and friends, inspired by cultures from around the world. From Ohajiki to Time Challenge, Indian Marbles to Hong Kong Mini Mahjong, and lots more, there's bound to be something that will make you feel like you're traveling the globe without leaving the school grounds.

Tournament-Style Games: Are you competitive? Gather your friends and participate in our tournament-style games for a chance to win prizes and, more importantly, bragging rights! Get ready to showcase your skills and sportsmanship in these playful competitions, Mini Table Ice-Hockey and Kubb!

Activities For All Ages: Not a fan of competition? No worries! We've got plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout the event. Whether it's cookie decorating, Fukuwarai (Luck laugh), or Hand Cut Out Decoration, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Live Entertainment: Sit back and relax as our talented Happy Parent Choir serenades you with love songs to set the mood for the season. And for those who like it upbeat, groove along to the tunes of the dads' band, Sugar Daddies!

 Happy Parent Choir in full voice singing for the YIS Community

Food And Drinks: No winter event would be complete without snacks and beverages. Parents and adults can indulge in our boozy beverage Gluhwein (mulled wine) to warm you from within, and for those beer drinkers, please, one "tap" at a time! Kids can warm up with hot chocolate and soup at the open-street cafe. It's the perfect way to refuel and recharge between games and activities!

Student Service Groups: We are also looking forward to seeing the creativity and enthusiasm of the students from the service groups who will be participating in fundraising for their dedicated causes.

Community Building At Its Finest: While Winter Fun and Games is not a fundraiser, it serves as a wonderful opportunity to bring our school community together and bond in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. So, come out and discover what these games are all about. Join us for an afternoon of laughter, camaraderie, and winter excitement!

All games and activities are completely free, so there's no reason not to join in the fun, however please note that drinks and snacks will be available for purchase. 

We can't wait to see you there!