Embracing AI at YIS

Embracing AI at YIS

by Jennifer Gibson-Millis, Library Team Leader &
Nick Soentgerath, Technology Learning Coach

Available in: Japanese, Chinese, French & Spanish

Just as with the smartphone, we are experiencing how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our world. Over the past year, Large Language Models such as Chat GPT have dominated the technosphere, and disrupted industries, including educational institutions. Ryan Lufkin of Instructure states, “We’re living in the most transformative time in the history of education and we each have a chance to help shape the future.” Many of us already have experience with AI impacting our workplaces or personal lives by helping organize, communicate, research, translate, and so much more. The educational world is being transformed by the advent of AI, introducing innovative tools that enhance learning and teaching for students and teachers alike.

AI image generated by DALL-E 3 text-to-image generation model from Open AI

We recognize that it is our responsibility to consider the possibilities that AI will bring to our school community. As educators, it is our priority to create interactive learning opportunities for students to explore and learn about AI in a safe environment, and help all students use AI in responsible and ethical ways.

Our Empowered Use Policy guides our students and teachers through their use of technology, including AI. By ensuring that we are safe, responsible, respectful, and positive contributors through and with technology, we can learn alongside our students how to use AI in positive and appropriate ways. 


YIS Empowered Use Policy

We have developed focus groups to explore AI integration into our learning and teaching as educators and students. Currently, we have three main groups, each with a different focus:

The AI Exploration Group will examine how AI can enhance learning and teaching through the lens of our AI Exploration Guiding Statements.

The AI Policy Group will continuously update our policies as AI evolves and share these policy updates with the YIS community.

The AI and Digital Citizenship/Information and Digital Literacy Group will focus on ensuring students are well prepared for a world with AI and help students understand the value of AI along with the risks of bias, privacy, and ethical use.

As we continue our journey to innovate and equip our students to succeed in our ever-changing world, we use the IB learner profile traits to guide us. We focus on being:

  • Risk takers by experimenting with a variety of AI tools.
  • Principled by being responsible and ethical by being transparent in our use and also by creating citations.
  • Thinkers by analyzing the best use and time for AI.
  • Reflective for when we consider whether the use of AI  has been effective or not. 

We realize that this path to an AI focused future will take intentional planning, educating, and reflecting that includes everyone. We look forward to working together with our parent community to develop students' knowledge, understandings, skills, and dispositions to ensure they are well-equipped to thrive in an AI-integrated world.

AI tools were used in the creation of this document in the following ways:
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Resources for further reading:

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