Class of 2024 Graduation

Class of 2024 Graduation

by Liz Andrews, Secondary Principal

This past Saturday we recognized the Class of 2024 at their graduation ceremony. This unique group of young people were our fifty second graduating class. The student speakers captured the spirit of what it means to be part of YIS. The first two student speakers, Catherine and Keito, led us on a journey of memories bringing us to the realization that “community is formed not found, and built on shared experiences, rather than the same experiences”. It is the diversity in our community that makes us so rich and resilient. 

Class of 2024 captured at their graduation ceremony during the final cap toss 

The Class of 2024 chose to donate a plum tree as their senior class gift. Mari and Rachel spoke warmly of the “persistence and resilience symbolized in plum trees in Japan. At the end of the harsh winters of Japan, they bloom with the same strength each year. They continue to grow year after year, much like the Class of 2024, moving on to the next stages of our lives.” 

Class of 2024 posing next to their senior gift


Our Head of School, Mr Coutts, extended the idea of resilience and diversity of experiences in his speech. He closed with encouragement to recognize that “it is your time to try something new or even frightening and force yourself to take steps towards that uncertainty, as this is where you will grow and discover the real you, outside of all the influences that we as a school or your family have given to you to get you to where you are now, ready to take that next step.”

Head of School Craig Coutts giving a speech to the graduating class of 2024

The Class of 2024 reflects YIS as a long term community who also welcomes new arrivals; from the three graduates who have been at YIS since ELC to the six who joined in Grade 11. It is also reflected in the 19 different nationalities, and 16 different languages. This diversity brings experiences, perspectives, beliefs and values from around the world to enrich and extend our YIS community.

Family, students and graduates attending the 2024 YIS Graduation Ceremony


As the Class of 2024 now steps out into the world they also join our YIS alumni community and move from the dragons in Honmoku to the dragons spread around the world. We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing their stories in the coming years.

To watch the Class of 2024 Graduation click here.