Beyond The Classrooom

Beyond The Classrooom

by Susie Clifford, Director of Learning

With our mission Live, Learn, Lead guiding learning experiences, students can understand our interconnectedness, interdependence and their impact as individuals. Extending learning within the classroom setting are several programs across the school that provide opportunities and possibilities for students to truly develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and dispositions to be active, compassionate and responsive global citizens. 

Students at YIS are challenged and supported to reflect on themselves as learners as well as their contribution and impact on those around them. We ask students to get involved in different ways and in different contexts so they can grow as people and understand how the development of skills and knowledge can help them extend their understandings and develop their dispositions as a global citizen. These experiences help them take action and make a difference, whether it is with the person sitting next to them, or reaching out beyond our borders. Our programs across the school provide a wide array of opportunities and possibilities for each student.

In our recent Full Faculty meetings, leaders from programs across the school have shared the learning, growth and opportunities for students through their programs. We have been excited and inspired as the leaders share the context of learning and what this can mean for each student as they engage in the experiences. This conversation and collaboration enables us, as educators, to draw on our passions and expertise to support students and programs in different parts of the school. We are able to connect and share with each other, so we can contribute in new ways. The presentations from our programs included:

Program Grade Levels Program Leader
Aquatics ELC - Grade 12 Jay Brownrigg
Expeditions ELC - Grade 12 Alex Thomas
Japanese Culture Program ELC - Grade 12 Asako Clark
Activities and Athletics ELC - Grade 12
Brinya Tananone
Global Citizen Diploma Grades 9 - 12 Margarita Valdes Albanez
Extended Essay Grades 11 - 12 Eileen Wilson
Creativity, Action, Service Grades 11 - 12 Peter Simons
Service Learning  ELC - Grade 12 Jérémie Rostan (All- school)
and Virgina Zamora Lopez (ES)
PYPx Grade 5 Jocelyn Hartley
Personal Project Grade 10 Kyle Quint


A collation of some of the slides from the presentations are here.

An exciting aspect, and one that is essential to learning for our students, is the community focus these programs offer. The guidance and expertise of educators across the school support the learning opportunities and experiences. We work together to enable each student to find their success, joy and growth in the opportunities. We ensure the learning is developmentally appropriate as we collaboratively plan across the school, as well as regularly reviewing and refining the learning experiences. Drawing on the expertise of the YIS community and beyond makes these programs richer, and we are excited to connect with our parent community more actively through the coming year as the wealth of expertise and experience is an important dimension of learning for students. If you have a passion or knowledge that you feel can enhance learning at YIS, please do reach out to us and we will be generating opportunities for you to make connections.

Unique to YIS is our One School mindset. Whilst we teach and learn and work in a certain area of the school, part of our conversations and thinking always keeps in mind the journey of the student - whether they are with us for a year or for 13 years. The connections we make as adults to support the learning opportunities for each student is central in the diverse and rich learning experiences our programs offer. And through these programs and the learning in our classroom, YIS students are able to become compassionate, engaged and active global citizens who truly make a difference.