TEDx Youth: Back to the Future

TEDx Youth: Back to the Future

by Jérémie Rostan, DP Psychology teacher and All-school Service Learning Coach

In times like this global pandemic”, wrote our TEDxYouth@YIS Team, “we collectively tend to hyper-focus on the present… and forget that there is a future in front of us”. Logically, our TEDx organizers chose a theme that would give people “a sense of rejuvenating ambition”: Back to the Future!

All year long, Cadence (G12), Kana (G11), Misha (G12), Lin (G12), Sabina (G12) and Lilike (G12) have worked tirelessly to create a time and a place for their peers to project themselves into the future that awaits them. In her talk “Flagrant Flashbacks”, Julia (G12) will remind us of the unique power of scent and its ability to shape and reshape who we are through its role on memory. From smells to sounds, Arissya,(G9) will voice the benefits of silence and speak up for the quiet, who are so often misunderstood. Language will also be a major topic during this event, starting with Peilu (G9), who will explain to us how one’s “native” language can be lost–and regained after prolonged distance from one’s home country, while Tahirah (G12) will invite us to reflect on the influence of other people’s stories on our personal identities and narratives. As we move through life, the voices that guide us do come from inside as well, and Charlie (G12) will thus explore what our daydreams might be trying to tell us. But what lies ahead? Having a hard look at ourselves, should we admit that humans are the most dangerous species on Earth, ask Kai and J.C. (G6)? Will this lead us to conquer space as well? If so, wonders Oliver (G10), how will we feed ourselves? Or should our focus be brought back on this beautiful blue planet? Beyond their great diversity, our student talks demonstrate both the impact of and the students' resilience to the unique circumstances of their secondary school experience. Diving deep inward, they used the introspection called for by social distancing as an opportunity to uncover deep connections and a springboard towards a better future.

The TEDx event will be held in our fantastic new auditorium on Thursday, March 3rd, from 5pm to 6:30pm. Registration is required for students and staff, and can be completed within seconds here. For our parents, the event will also be livestreamed on our Youtube channel at https://yis.jp/live. Parents do not need to register for the event.

We hope to see you there!