Another Space of Your Own

Another Space of Your Own

by Nasci Lobo, Director of Communications and Marketing

After moving to the Honmoku Campus in January, we featured an article titled A Space of Your Own that highlighted some of the spaces on campus our community members like to work in. Our campus has plenty of cozy corners to cuddle up in, large spaces for group work and quiet places for focussed effort.  We took a tour around campus to see where where our staff and students like to spend time. See pictures of life on campus in our Campus Potpourri album on YIS Photos.

2 highs school boys playing one-on-one basketball in front of a tall wooden building

One-on-one basketball on The Street is a favorite pass time for many students between classes and at recess.


2 asian elementary school girls cuddled up in a large cubicle.

The 1F Hub is a daily hive of activity, where ordinary items like boxes are transformed into  personal palaces.


Caucasian female teacher in her 40s sitting in a drama room with her arms raised.

Sam Abernethy, ES and MS Drama teacher, loves her multipurpose blackbox theater room equipped with furniture that doubles as storage and props.


a mother and her son lying on bean bags reading the newspaper in a library.

Our Yogibo beanbags are perfect for parents and students to cuddle up and read.


male high school student sitting at a small round table on a roof patio studying at a computer.

The 4F deck is a popular space for solo work, group collaboration and enjoying lunch outside the serene Chow-an.


caucasian male in his 30s sitting in front of a large computer screen smiling at the camera.

Nick Soentgerath, Technology Learning Coach, enjoys the light from the atrium, at his desk on the 2F of the North Building.


caucasian male in a dimly lit sound recording booth working at computers.

Peter Noonan, Head of Department for Performing Arts, spends lots of time working in the recording booth of the Performing Arts Wing.