2022 Annual General Meeting: A Brief Recap

2022 Annual General Meeting: A Brief Recap

by Charles Jack, Chair of the YIS Board of Directors

My sincere thanks to those who attended the Annual General Meeting on Thursday November 10 in the Auditorium. We were very happy to welcome many of our long-term school community, as well as some who had not had the opportunity to attend the meeting for a period of time. It was also wonderful to welcome many new school parents on the evening. I personally find the Annual General Meeting to be a milestone for reflection on the way the school has shaped and grown, as well as a sense of what is ahead for us. As it is always in November, it allows us a few months of settling into the academic year and a clearer picture to share thoughts for the balance of the school year.

Along with fellow Directors, we updated numerous Board topics at the AGM including the finalization of the campus transition and investment, our financial status and stability as we move into a post-covid world, together with several initiatives the Board has made recently to strengthening of our School Governance, and their work ahead. I am very fortunate to be well supported by the Directors and School leadership, so we are able to ensure YIS can be in the best sustainable position for the long-term future of student learning.

Last week, we had three ending terms for Directors, and I would like to sincerely thank those individuals for everything they have contributed for our YIS community over the years. I know these individuals will continue to contribute far beyond their finalizing terms, as they have truly shaped and supported our school. To Dirk De Ruyver (12 years/4 terms) for his wisdom and dedication as Treasurer; to Joy Eckhoff (9 years/3 terms) for the support and knowledge with her educational background; and to Kath Davies (6 years/2 terms) for the extensive experience she could bring to our governance through the Directorships she held at previous schools. Thank you for all your dedication to the YIS community, as it’s so deeply appreciated.

On the AGM evening, there was election of three new Directors, and I would like to extend my congratulations to Nalin Advani, Markus Hamburger and Zhou Xiaowei for their appointments to the School’s Governance on the Board of Directors. We look forward to the collaboration for the prosperity of YIS. Thank you for standing for election, and thank you in advance for the time and commitment.

middle aged man of Indian descent, wearing a blue suit jacket and white shirt looking at the camera.

Nalin Advani

Caucasian middle aged man in dark suit jacket and blue tie looking at camera.

Markus Hamburger

Asian man with blue striped shirt and dark jacket looking at camera.

Zhou Xiaowei

From a personal perspective, I wanted to share a highlight on the speeches at the AGM by those standing for election. This showed such a deep passion that individuals have for the school and it’s learning, and the genuine desire to uphold our overall mission, vision and values, along with nurturing the unique culture that we have at YIS. I know this passion spreads far and wide right across the community also. We are very fortunate. We have our milestone of 100 years of learning in 2024, and this passion and support is very evident in the community also, as we commence planning. This period ahead is very exciting in many ways.

On a final note, thank you to those who joined us at the Annual General Meeting and we thank you also for the engagement. I am confident we have a bright future ahead, and I look forward to a strong and sustainable YIS future together.