Nationality: Japanese

Why did you choose YIS for your family?

We looked at a few schools in the Tokyo/Yokohama area and it was the only school that all four of us liked!

How important was selecting an IB school to you and what specifically appeals to you about the IB approach/curriculum?

We love that the program is international and allows the kids to see that they are a member of the entire world, not just of one country, or as in our family's case, not just two countries.

Please describe a memorable moment from your time at YIS and how that has had an impact on you and your family?

There are many, but the most memorable moment was when we visited the school before we joined. We immediately felt the positive energy in the hallways and classrooms and the students looked so free and happy. I also remember the faces of parents who welcomed us when we were new. They were all so kind and helpful and made our transition very smooth. Those initial connections we made with the school and community are alive and well today.

What do your children enjoy the most about learning at YIS?

I think their peers and their freedom to think for themselves.

What would you say to another parent thinking about coming to YIS?

YIS's approach to learning fosters curiosity and independence. If you are looking for a school with strong academics, cultural diversity, and a supportive community, then YIS is your school!

Do you participate in school or non-school activities with YIS parents? If so, can you tell us about some, and what you enjoyed about them?

I created the YIS Tokyo Parents Group to connect YIS parents who live in Tokyo. There are many families who live in Tokyo and in others locations outside Yokohama whose kids commute to school by train. We get together regularly for coffees to get to know one another and to help each other out.

Do you live in Tokyo or Yokohama? How is the commute for your child/children?

We live in Tokyo. The commute was our biggest concern before we joined YIS, but now I believe it is one of my kids' favorite times of the day. Through the Tokyo Parents Group and the Mentoring Program run by the PTSA, we try to match families whose kids take the same train line so that everyone has a buddy on the train. It's been working out very well.