Tiffany Schafer-Howley

Tiffany Schafer-Howley


Tiffany Schafer-Howley

Class of 1996

Nationality: Irish


How many years did you attend YIS?
I attended YIS for 4 years from 1993-1996.
Where you are based now, and what are your occupation and lifestyle like?
I live in Sydney, Australia, working as the  Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff and Head of Sales at NTT.
Which teachers played an important role in your time at YIS?

All my teachers were very supportive but Dennis Stanworth, who was my class coordinator, was so helpful when I was struggling academically.

What is your most memorable moment from your time at YIS?

My first visit to the school, just a few days before the start of the semester, was quite memorable as I had chosen the school by brochure alone...yep the internet didn't really exist back then!  My graduation and passing the IB were also fond memories.

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What type of sports or non-academic activities were you involved with at YIS? 

I played JV hockey and was news editor for the school newspaper.

Which grade-level or class at YIS would you want to relive, and why? Would you do anything differently?

Year 10 - my first year at YIS and the school trip to Hiroshima. I wouldn't change a thing from my time at YIS. Good and bad it was all a learning.

Which aspects of your YIS education helped prepare you the most for your current professional and personal life?

The multiculturalism of the school put me in good stead to work and live with other nationalities and cultures, and understanding how different cultures may look at things differently to your own point of view. 

Given your achievements and experiences, what advice would you give to YIS students?

The two best pieces of advice I try to live by are: be nice to the people on the way up as you never know who you're going to meet on the way down, and the ruder someone is to you the nicer you are back, as it disarms them. The world these days is really small. In Sydney, you're rarely more than two connections away from anyone on LinkedIn.