Rod Malig

Rod Malig

Rod Malig

Position in School: Head Lifeguard/Swimming Coach

Nationality: Filipino



What year did you come to YIS, and where were you working prior to YIS?
I started working at YIS on January 1st, 2022. Before I came to YIS I worked at Yokohama Country and Athletic Club.
What attracted you to come work at YIS?
Of course the new campus and the amazing facilities, but also the opportunity to coach and share my knowledge and experience of aquatics.

How long have you been working in the aquatics/swimming industry and what inspired you to get into it?

This is my first time teaching aquatics in a school setting but I have been working in the swimming industry for 20 years. Some of my cousins are in the swimming pool business and are also water safety instructors, so I guess working in the swimming industry is in the blood.

How did you get a start in the aquatics industry?
From high school through to university I was an athlete.  I also volunteered and helped with water safety when I was still in the Philippines, so for most of my life aquatics has played a large role.
At what point did you think you wanted to teach aquatics?
The Philippines get about 15~20 typhoons a year, I've seen the devastating effect they have on people's lives when they hit.  At first I started volunteering whenever I had time but soon decided to make a career of it so I could start sharing and teaching water safety and awareness to others.
If you weren’t doing your current job, what profession would you like to be in?

My dream job would be an officer on a cruise ship.  I love the idea of seeing the world and traveling as part of my job.
How do you see our students adapting to and developing in the Aquatics Program?
I see a lot of students excited to be in the water and experiencing new things.   The Aquatics Program helps them develop their skills and awareness in and around water. 

What are your hobbies and interests outside of school, and what do you enjoy most about life in Japan?

My hobbies include cooking Filipino food, fishing and billiards. I also enjoy visiting cities and prefectures whenever my family and I have time. In Japan I notice the differences from place to place; like the local food, traditions, and even the regional dialects. It's really interesting.  

How long can you hold your breath underwater, and is it true that you wear a life jacket to bed because you sleep in a water bed?

Well, I'm no Aquaman but I can hold my breath for around a minute. I'm sure many others can do this too, and there are definitely some who can hold it for much longer. As for the life jacket while sleeping, I’ll let you know once I’ve tried it.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and what would you discuss?

It would have to be Kyoko Iwasaki (Japanese Olympic swimmer and gold medalist) and her coach. I want to ask about her amazing swimming technique and the training she went through.

What advice would you give to teachers looking to work in Japan?

Japan is a small country but it has many differences in a lot of aspects of daily life compared to other countries and cultures. If you are patient and open-minded you can find success.