Resa Mishina

Resa Mishina


Resa Mishina

Class of 2012

Nationality: Japanese


Years and grades you attended at YIS.
I attended grades 6 to 12, and graduated in 2012.


Please describe a memorable moment from your time at YIS.

Spirit Day was always my favorite day of the school year. I really enjoyed dressing up and playing games with other students and teachers. Mrs. Cowan, who was a science teacher at the time, put together a girl's gymnastics group (lovingly called "The Cowan's Angels") when I was in 8th grade and we performed at the Spirit Day talent show for several years. I'm especially fond of the school girls-themed act we performed when I was in 9th grade. 

Which teachers played an important role in your time at YIS?

Mr. Evans who was my drama teacher for 5 years had such a large impact on my training as an actor. I learned all the basic skills and knowledge of theatre through IGCSE drama. Not only was Mr. Evans a great teacher, he was also a wonderful mentor whom I could talk to about anything, not just about theatre. 

Kashima-sensei also played a large part during my time at YIS. He was my first Japanese teacher after I had lived overseas for the majority of my life and was also my Japanese teacher for senior year. In addition, he allowed me to compete in the junior high and high school gymnastics meets as a representative from YIS and accompanied me to the competitions. 

Do you feel your experiences and relationships at YIS prepared you for life after YIS?

The work load and demands of the IB definitely prepared me for college. As a musical theatre major, not only did I have papers and presentations to work on, but I also had songs, dances, and scripts to memorize and rehearse as part of my course work. The organization and time management skills I learned at YIS helped me stay on track with my busy schedule.

Where you are based now, and what are your occupation and lifestyle like?

I am now based in New York City as a professional actress. I audition for various musicals, plays, TV, and film projects constantly. I get to travel and work across different states in the United States, which I think is a perk of being a performer. I just returned from performing in Florida and am now getting ready for a musical revue in North Carolina. After that, I will be spending some time in Washington DC performing in a play.

Alumna Resa Mishima dancing in the park
Portrait of Alumna Resa Mishima

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Given your achievements and experiences, what advice would you give to YIS students in Gr. 11 or 12?

I would tell them to just live in the moment and not rush into things. When I was in 11th and 12th grade, I felt a sense of pressure among my peers about who could be or act mature the fastest, and IB was treated like it was something that was going to determine the rest of your life. But in reality, once I got to university, what I did and who I was in high school didn't matter to my new peers. Instead they were interested in the work that I was doing right there and then to become the kind of person that I wanted to be.  It wasn't until half way through college that I really started to become comfortable with and confident in myself and who I was, and I think that is what truly makes a person mature.