Middle School Student

Nationality: Japanese


How long have you been at YIS?

I am in my fourth year at YIS.

What are your two favorite subjects, and why do you like them?

I enjoy PE and Science because they align with my interests and hobbies such as soccer and physics.

What sports or activities outside of class are you involved with, and why do you like them?

I play soccer and basketball and practise Aikido as well. I’m also part of the Chiku service team that supports a local food kitchen that helps unemployed and impoverished citizens of Yokohama. 

The thing I like about sports at YIS is that both competitive and non-competitive people can play together and have lots of fun while learning new skills.

What do you enjoy most about learning at YIS?

I enjoy the way they teach us at YIS. I have been to many schools but I think YIS is the best because the teachers always make sure we understand and help us so we don't fall behind in class.

What were some surprising benefits you gained from Continuous Learning?

I enjoyed Continuous Learning because I learned new things about myself and that I am very capable and can perform on my own when I need to.

Last spring was there anything that you learned about yourself, such as studying styles you prefer, or new habits you developed?

I learned that I tend to perform better doing things alone than in a group with other people.

Which teacher would you like to trade places with, and why?

I would like to switch places with the 7th-grade math teachers because I think that this is the time for most advancement and discovering yourself as a learner.

What famous person, past or present, would you most like to meet in person, and why?

I would like to meet the Japanese musician Kenshi Yonezu because I enjoy his music and would like to know his thought process in creating top hit songs.

How do you like the Honmoku campus?

I love the new Honmoku campus for its modern and spacious build. My favorite place to spend my time is the fourth floor deck.