Nationality: Mexican

Why did you choose YIS for your family and how long have you been at the school?

We chose YIS 3 years ago because we liked the free and relaxed environment at the school. We liked the teachers because they felt so kind and happy.  In general, we liked how the school felt.

How important was selecting an IB school to you and what specifically appeals to you about the IB approach / curriculum?

My kids started school in an IB school in Mexico. We like the way the kids learn in the IB program. They really enjoy the learning process. Since we had been living in different countries prior to coming to Japan, we looked for the same program so it would be easier for them to adapt.

In what aspects of the YIS community have you been involved in?

I was class mom last year for my youngest son's class and I usually take part in the cooking lessons organized by the PTSA. I teach about my country's traditional dishes with my friends and also take part in the cooking lessons that other people teach. I also participate in the latino booth at the Food Fair.

What do your children enjoy the most about learning at YIS?

They really like the very good sense of humor the teachers have, which helps make the lessons enjoyable. They teach very well and in many different ways that my children find fun.

What would you say to another parent thinking about coming to YIS?

I would say that my kids really enjoy going to school here. The environment is very friendly and new people are always welcome. The school environment is very nice, older kids help younger kids and they are always interacting openly in the different activities they have, like sports, and other academic work.

Do you have opportunities to meet and socialize with parents on a regular basis

Yes, there are many different activities such as the cooking lessons as I mentioned, a hiking club and many other activities to socialize with other parents.

Do you live in Tokyo or Yokohama? How is the commute for your child/children?

We live in Yokohama, in the Yamatecho area. My kids can walk to school conveniently.