Middle School Student

How long have you been at the school?

This is my fourth year at YIS.

What are your two favorite subjects, and why do you like them?

Art and Design because I like being creative, drawing, and sketching. The teachers are kind, and I can share ideas with friends to make my ideas better and bigger.

What non-academic activities are you involved in, and why do you like them?

Football, volleyball, table tennis, and swimming. I've being playing football the longest. I play football both inside and outside of school. I like playing defense and goalie, but I can play any position.

What do you like about the IB program, and what do you find difficult?

I like working in groups, cooperating with other students, and sharing the work we are doing. In my old school I couldn't do that much at all. I like having free inquiry and guided inquiry. The teachers give us choices when we do these, so we aren't limited in what we want to look into.

What is it about YIS that makes you happy or content?

We play with anybody, not just our close friends. At lunch, we sit with different people not just the same people everyday. It's a very accepting community.

What are two things you would miss if you left YIS?

I would miss the guidance the teachers give us when we are trying to find answers, and the conversations we have with each other at lunch or in the classrooms.

Which teacher would you like to trade places with?

Mr. Reed, my art teacher because I would have lots of time to draw and the students have fun with his drawings.

Name three things you would like to have with you if you were stuck on a deserted island forever?

The YIS cafeteria because I like the food, an airplane, and my family.

Which celebrity/athlete/person in history would you like to meet in person?

Usain Bolt because I know someone who has a video of them running together and I want to ask him if it is real.