Nationality: Indian

Why did you choose YIS?

Once we knew we were moving to the Kanto region, we started our search for International schools. YIS was a stand out school for us, boasting a century of excellence in nurturing young minds within a world-class learning environment. From that early stage in our research we were confident that YIS was the right school for our child.

What is it about the learning program at YIS that you feel makes it unique?

YIS is renowned for its inquiry-based learning program, meticulously crafted to not only enrich the curriculum but also to shape students into responsible, socially conscious citizens. 

What does your child(ren) enjoy the most about learning at YIS?

Our child consistently expresses enthusiasm for the hands-on activities, engaging field trips, and the stimulating Discovery time, which facilitate the development of creative thinking skills.

Do you find it easy to meet other parents in your child's grade? Do you participate in activities or get together with other YIS parents? If so, can you tell us about some of the things you’ve done?

The PTSA Mentor Program played a pivotal role in our integration into the YIS community. Through this program, we were fortunate to find an exceptional mentor who introduced us to other parents in our child"s grade on the very first day of school. Their warm reception and unwavering support have made us feel welcomed and embraced. We frequently meet, and on occasion, enjoy casual coffee mornings. Inspired by the spirit of giving back, we have also become Library Volunteers and Food Fair Volunteers, allowing us to actively contribute to the YIS community and foster connections with fellow parents.

Do you live in Tokyo or Yokohama? How is the commute for your child(ren)?

Our residence is conveniently located in Yokohama, within a 10 minute walk to the YIS campus. 

What sort of advice would you give to other parents who are considering YIS?

We would like to offer our personal recommendation to fellow parents. YIS will not only enrich your child's life with invaluable skills but also provide you with ample opportunities to enhance your own skills and forge connections through the PTSA parent activities. As newcomers to Yokohama, we've found that YIS bridges the gap, enabling us to participate in a vibrant, supportive community, fostering friendships and new skills. 

What excites you most about the YIS campus?

The YIS campus is a testament to stunning architecture, captivating both in its interior and exterior design. The ground floor area adjacent to the library is a particularly captivating space for me.  It makes me wish I was a student again so I could learn in such a wonderful environment.