Elementary School Student

Nationality: American


How long have you been at YIS?
I have been at YIS for 2 years.
What are your two favorite subjects, and why do you like them?
I like P.E because we play a lot of fun and interesting games and we learn a lot of new skills. I also enjoy music because it’s really challenging and I have already learned a lot about the koto.
What sports or activities outside of class are you involved with, and why do you like them? 

I am a part of service learning and I like that because we get to help the homeless and poor. I am also involved in drama production. I haven't done it before but it will be a new experience for me and I am excited to start.

What do you like to do for fun outside of school?

I enjoy reading because it’s something I can always do and I get inspired by books to write stories. I like swimming because I learn new strokes and skills.

What do you enjoy most about learning at YIS?

I like that at YIS making mistakes is good and that it’s just another part of learning. I also like that the teachers push us to make our best effort and that we can always improve.

What are two things you would miss if you left YIS?

When I leave YIS one of the things that I will miss is my friends. I will miss them because I have a really good relationship with them and they are very understanding. I will also miss the teachers because they are very nice and push you to make your best effort.

Which teacher would you like to trade places with, and why?

The teacher that I would want to trade places with is Nikki-sensei, my Japanese teacher, because she speaks fluent Japanese and I think that that is a cool skill, to speak more than one language. She has taught me a lot of things for the past two years.

What is your favorite YIS event of the school year?

I liked when we sold food, played games, and things like that at Food Fair. We got to try other foods from different countries and have fun with our friends.

What famous person, past or present, would you most like to meet in person, and why?

I think that I’d like to meet Malala Yousafzai because she helped women by standing up for their education rights and standing up to the Taliban.

What excites you most about the new YIS campus?

I am very excited about the pool because I love swimming and doing it with my friends will be so much fun. I am also excited about the library because the design in that area is very cool and artistic.