Ian Meekcoms

Ian Meekcoms

Ian Meekcoms

Position in School: ES/MS Learning Support Teacher

Nationality: British


What year did you come to YIS, and where were you working prior to YIS?
I came to YIS in August 2022. Previous to that I was working in Hong Kong for 9 years.
What attracted you to come work at YIS?
The chance to be part of a vibrant International Baccalaureate school with a strong community that has an inclusive and student centered approach to student learning. 

What do you love most about teaching the students here at YIS?

As a learning support teacher, I love having the opportunity to personalise and support the specific interests, learning styles and needs of my students. I also really enjoy working with co-teachers in the classroom to enhance the learning experience for all students. 

What areas of school life are you involved with at YIS?
I coach High School Girls football, which I love, and I’m also regularly involved with one of our service teams called Sukui no Te (The Helping Hand) which supports homeless people living in Yokohama. 

How is learning different here at YIS?

Our students are exposed to diverse cultures, histories, and viewpoints, fostering an understanding of global issues and interconnectedness. Alongside this, is a strong emphasis on the development of the whole student, including academic, social, emotional, and physical aspects, aiming to create well-rounded individuals with a broad skill set.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of school?

I enjoy being active doing activities like hiking and skiing. I also try to keep fit by jogging and swimming regularly. 
Which YIS event(s) do you feel highlights who we are as a school? 
The events created and led by students, such as Studentainment. All of the events, whether they are sports, theatre, music or cultural related, show our school values in action. 

What excites you most about working here at YIS?

The variety of learning spaces and modern facilities which provide numerous opportunities for our school community to learn and connect with each other.  

What do you love about living and working in Japan?

There are so many things I love about living in Japan but probably my favorite things are; the low crime rates, the polite and respectful culture, the natural beauty and the food.