High School Student

Nationality: Japanese


How long have you been at YIS?
This is my 7th year at YIS.
What are your two favorite subjects, and why do you like them?
I enjoy Individuals and Societies and Art because they both allow freedom in creativity and help to expand my knowledge by encouraging further research into specific events or topics. 

Being able to express myself non verbally fascinates me and allows for a different way to show who I am. I can do this through my art and I see how I have developed as a person when I look back at my old artwork.
Individuals and Societies class has really affected how I think and see the world. Often we can show our understanding through infographics and presentations which connects with art and design as well.

What sports or activities outside of class are you involved with, and why do you like them? 

For the past two years I have been doing cross country, basketball and badminton. I'm also in the Van der Poel service team. Both sports and services are a great way to interact with people from different grades and can improve teamwork and communication skills.

What do you like to do for fun outside of school?

Going places with friends, watching movies and I love sleeping. 

What do you enjoy most about learning at YIS?

The amount of freedom and flexibility the school gives us really shows the trust teachers have in us as students. There are so many opportunities to get involved in what you are interested in and to discover new interests. I think this helps lead us to an earlier and better understanding of our future pathway. 

What were some surprising benefits you gained from Continuous Learning last spring? Was there anything that you learned about yourself, such as studying styles you prefer, or new habits you developed?

I have always struggled to organize and manage my time so continuous learning was a challenge for me, however as I got used to the learning style I found it very useful. I was able to find ways to connect with more people, not just from my school, but from other international schools in the Kanto area. 

How do you like the Honmoku campus?

I love it, although I do miss the old campus and how the classrooms felt. The learning environment is different here at Honmoku campus and the new space has allowed for more variety in the ways we learn. I can definitely see the positive change in teachers and students and it’s great to see their smiles everyday.

Which teacher would you like to trade places with, and why?

My Japanese teachers, Okura-sensei and Kashima-sensei. 
The amount of knowledge and space for new information Okura-sensei has in his brain seems infinite. I truly believe it's possible for him to master every language on earth. I love how every student, even students that don’t take Japanese class can openly talk to Kashima-sensei. You can see a student’s face brighten up just by seeing Kashima-sensei.

Honestly, all the teachers at our school are great and it’s amazing how the students and teachers are very close. All the students have so much trust in them.

What is your favorite YIS event of the school year?

I actually have two favorite events - Food Fair and Expeditions. Theres a lot of good food from many different countries at the food fair and I think that’s something unique to international schools as we have students from many different countries. Expeditions is a great way to interact with nature and there are new things to see, as well as learning more about your peers and having a fun time!

What famous person, past or present, would you most like to meet in person, and why?

I'd like to meet The Red Hot Chili Peppers because I want to tell them that their music was a huge part of my childhood. I’m still so upset that I wasn’t able to go to their concert this summer.