Elementary School Student

Nationality: Chinese


How long have you been at YIS?
I have been at YIS since 2020.
What do you like about learning here at YIS?
The learning spaces are great and the school is so clean. The students and teachers are kind and helpful too. It’s really fun learning at YIS.

What sports or activities outside of class are you involved with, and why do you like being involved in them? 

I'm a member of the Dance Club and the Drama Club. Dancing to pop music is really fun and I can focus on improving my individual style.  I enjoy drama because I like being in make-up and performing on stage.  I also like the challenge of doing fast costume changes backstage.

What do you like to do for fun outside of school?

I like going to my Art, Music, Japanese, Chinese and Swimming classes.

What are two things you would miss if you left YIS?

I would miss the teachers and the style of learning at YIS.

What is your relationship with your teachers like here at YIS?

I think the relationship I have is really good, although I sometimes get in trouble. I find it easy to talk to my teachers so I can ask questions whenever I need to.

Which teacher would you like to trade places with, and why?

I would trade places with Mr Coutts, our Head of School, so I could help lead the school and the community.  I would also like to trade places with my Art teacher Ms. Kaegi because I could make art any time I wanted.

What is your favorite YIS event of the school year?

I love Food Fair because there is food from every country and you can meet members of the YIS community from around the world.


What is your favorite space on campus?

I like the Library and the Pool.  I love the view of the hub from the amphitheater in the Library and the Pool is so new and clean, it's great to swim there.

How have you changed since being at YIS?

My English has definitely improved, I have more friends and I know more teachers around the school too. I feel comfortable and part of the YIS community.

What do you think makes YIS a special place to learn?

YIS is special because of the students and the teachers. It also has lots of fun learning spaces.