Carey Shea

Carey Shea

Carey Shea

Class of 1969

Nationality: American

Years at YIS: 1960 - 1964

I have very fond memories of YIS. There were fun projects for young girls and boys. The teachers were so nice and caring. When we had to move back to U.S.A, I cried. I loved YIS and didn't want to leave. I miss living in Naka-ku because it was such a wonderful place to live. I would like to relive all the years I was there and I wouldn't have done anything differently. I loved the culture there.

I was at the school quite a while ago, when it was still quite small, I don't remember the names of any of the teachers, and I have unfortunately lost touch with classmates. I do remember Anne Straygundersson, who lived down the hill from us in Yamate-cho.

I am no retired and have been living in Longmont, Colorado for 22 years. My passions are cave diving, caving, scuba, sailing, snow skiing, backpacking and riding my horse Maggie. I slowed down a bit due to injuries. When you do adventure sports there is a higher risk of getting hurt. Most of my injuries were from my unruly horse.

Now that I'm retired I plan on doing many things that interest me. My husband and I have a metal detector we use plus we pan for gold and gems. We are near the mountains and there's gold up there that we will find.

Carey, 3 years old, sitting on the wall at the Foreign Cemetery