Middle School Student

Nationality:  Japanese


How long have you been at YIS?
This is my 4th year at YIS.

What do you like about learning here at YIS?
I like that there are students from many different nations and cultures.

What sports or activities outside of class are you involved with, and why do you like them? 

I play tennis which I really enjoy. I feel free when I play tennis.

What do you like to do for fun outside of school?

I like to collect rocks and read manga.

What are two things you would miss if you left YIS?

I would miss my friends of course, and the teachers too. 

What is your relationship with your teachers like here at YIS?

My relationship with my teachers is good, I have so much respect for all of them. I believe YIS has the best teachers in the world.

Which teacher would you like to trade places with and why?

If I could I would trade places with all of them, but since I'm limited to one choice I’ll say Ms.Viki, the Librarian. I would enjoy reading for the day.

What is your favorite YIS event of the school year?

My favorite YIS event is Spirit Week. I love how people dress up and that all levels of the Student Council from high school to elementary school meet together and talk. I remember everybody being so kind during the previous Spirit Week.


What is your favorite space on campus?

My favorite space on campus is the Library. I have yet to see a better library than the one we have at YIS.

What do you think makes YIS a special place to learn?

It's is a special place to learn because everyone is so kind and communicative. I honestly don’t think there is a better school to go to than YIS.