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A great meal and a friendly smile from Dragon Dining await you in the YIS cafeteria where the diverse international team happily provide for the varied catering needs of the school. Located on the ground floor of the North Building next to the terrace and playing field, Dragon Dining offer a fresh, creative, nutritious and environmentally responsible approach to school food. Understanding the important link between nutrition and student well-being, we follow the guidelines of the Children’s Food Trust and use the United Kingdom's Soil Association's Food For Life Gold Program as a benchmark for our own quality of service.

All our meals are prepared daily on site with weekly menus featuring dishes from around the world. We are proud to offer a wide range of western, Asian, vegan and vegetarian choices. Focusing on fresh, regionally sourced ingredients – including some vegetables and herbs grown on campus in collaboration with students, we relish the opportunity to create from scratch, beautiful & natural meals from simple high quality ingredients.

Cafeteria Service in 2022-23
In light of the continuing health risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will maintain the various health and safety modifications to protect against the spread of the corona virus. These changes include the following: 

  • The fingerprint sensor checkout system has been replaced with a contactless plastic card that can complete the checkout process in a fraction of a second by briefly holding the card just above the card reader without actually making physical contact. Cards are issued to students at the beginning of the year or upon arrival. For elementary students, homeroom teachers keep the cards in the classroom, but older students will be expected to carry their cards with them. Replacement cards can be purchased for ¥300.
  • The flow of the lines has been realigned to speed the process of picking up and checking out meals. Students should maintain appropriate physical distance while queuing in line. 
  • All main meals and sides are individually plated. Likewise, drinks are served in individual glasses rather than from drink serving machines. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. 
  • All snacks are individually wrapped. Although unfortunately this will mean an increase in packaging waste, we feel it is a necessary precaution.
  • Lunchtimes are staggered and students asked to spread out as much as possible.  Plastic dividers are placed on all lunch tables in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is designated as a no talking zone while eating.
  • Doors and windows will be kept open during mealtimes to ensure good cross-ventilation. 
  • All Dragon Dining staff will wear masks and gloves, and adhere to strict health and hygiene practices.
  • We have several new cleaning and sanitation initiatives underway in the cafeteria. These initiatives include increasing the frequency of cleaning and handwashing to exceed the recommended standards. 

Additionally, school staff will be establishing routines to ensure that students wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer before and after using the cafeteria.  

We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you a healthy and happy school year. Our website provides more information on our sourcing, the nutritional qualities of the food we provide and our activities at school and beyond. We can be contacted at dd@yis.ac.jp should you have any questions.

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