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Ken Inge

Ken Inge

Class of 2003

I am proud to have been a team leader in a recent project to produce hand sanitizer for Swedish hospitals to assist them in their work with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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picture of alumni Ryo Yasuda

Ryo Yasuda

Class of 2015

I didn’t really stand out in class but I always loved entertaining people and I'm grateful to YIS for offering opportunities to express ourselves.

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Matthew Sato Profile

Matthew Sato

Class of 2014

I am currently based in Los Angeles as a music composer writing music for several upcoming short films. In L.A., I am able to network through projects and mutual friends and also through fellow YIS Alumni.

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alumna Resa Mishima

Resa Mishina

Class of 2012

I am now based in New York City as a professional actress. I audition for musicals, plays, TV, and film projects constantly. I get to travel and work across the United States, which I think is a perk of being a performer.

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Picture of alumna Tomoko Yasuda 2016

Tomoko Yasuda

Class of 2016

A lot of my favorite memories in YIS come from the sports matches and practices. I used to play a sport each season, rotating between football, cross country, and field hockey.

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Tim Cole

Tim Cole

Class of 1974

I had just graduated from the grade 6 of a Japanese public school and it was my first day at YIS in the grade 7. I had to write a composition, but I didn't know what the word composition meant.

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