The Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) is a vibrant, parent-driven organization that supports the school in a variety of ways and gives parents the opportunity to get together in a friendly and social atmosphere. The PTSA holds monthly meetings, which include participation by teacher and student representatives, organizes coffee mornings, coordinates parent activities, and much more.



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YIS Parent Portal


The YIS Parent Portal is a secure, password-protected site that connects directly to the school's Veracross central database and provides personalized access to student schedule information, grades, school directory and other information.


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School forms


School forms, including contact registration, permission forms, academic forms, reenrollment and withdrawal, and a variety of other uses, may be downloaded.




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Parent Handbook


The Parent Handbook contains a wide range of practical information, policies, procedures and resources for YIS parents.




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YIS Photos

Photographs of a wide range of school events and activities may be found at this link. The photos are arranged in galleries by topic.


News and Updates

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As a school, we are always looking at pushing ourselves for continual improvement, and as the name of our Impact Strategy suggests, we want to make improvements that will have a positive impact on learning for all students, make us a better school, and create more opportunities for learning for all of our community.

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