Home Language

In keeping with the IB philosophy, maintenance of home and family language is encouraged and supported at YIS. We recognize that continuing to develop the students’ language and literacy skills in their home language supports the development of their English language skills. Working with our community members, we facilitate a number of programs by providing classroom space and helping to arrange for teachers to deliver instruction. Teachers are employed and compensated by the parents of the students involved in the program.

Presently we offer the following home and family language programs: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Korean. The Dutch program is partly sponsored by the Ministry of Education in the Netherlands and is supported by the Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in Japan (SNOJ). The Korean program is sponsored by the Korean Education Institute. Details of each program for the current school year are available from the menu on the left.

We are happy to consider further home and family language options should there be a need and request. Aside from these programs, self-taught options are available in group 1 at the DP level dependent on availability of a tutor. In the younger grades, parents are encouraged to participate in learning engagements that support and promote the maintenance of home and family language through the Units of Inquiry, reading in class and sharing various information with the classes. The library supports our community languages by ensuring that our media collection is representative of the languages spoken at YIS.