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The close friendships and cooperation between our students, staff, parents and alumni lie at the heart of YIS. A host of events and activities are offered by and for all the people that form the fabric of our multicultural and multilingual community. Through the diverse selection of activities offered by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), families form friendships, parents support learning opportunities and staff and students are buoyed by a common purpose. Events such as the popular Food Fair unite the YIS community and the surrounding neighborhoods in a gala of food, music and a joie de vivre. After graduating, our students remain closely connected to their school days with visits to campus and participation in school events as part of a growing network of alumni. Indeed, some have returned as staff members, while others now have children at the school. Explore our community's vibrance through the links above and through our social media. We hope you'll find a connection to the people and experiences you'll discover, and look forward to you joining our community soon.


Teenage boy wearing a soccer uniform smiling and looking at the camera


Elementary School Student

I like the school building and the structure of the school, it has lots of good learning spaces and it is easy to move around. The field and the playground are great too.

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White middle aged male wearing a blue checked shirt posing for photograph in front of Japanese tori gate

Alex Patient

Class of 1996

The Hiroshima field trip was one of my most memorable moments as a student at YIS. It was really emotional being there in the city, but I also remember making some lasting friendships. I still have a photograph in my study from that trip.

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Asian University female student in blue top standing in front of red sports banner

Eileen Chen

Class of 2019

I tried sports like tennis but honestly sports was not really my thing. I did like the Chowa yearbook committee, where I felt a sense of belonging.

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