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The close friendships and cooperation between our students, staff, parents and alumni lie at the heart of YIS. A host of events and activities are offered by and for all the people that form the fabric of our multicultural and multilingual community. Through the diverse selection of activities offered by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), families form friendships, parents support learning opportunities and staff and students are buoyed by a common purpose. Events such as the popular Food Fair unite the YIS community and the surrounding neighborhoods in a gala of food, music and a joie de vivre. After graduating, our students remain closely connected to their school days with visits to campus and participation in school events as part of a growing network of alumni. Indeed, some have returned as staff members, while others now have children at the school. Explore our community's vibrance through the links above and through our social media. We hope you'll find a connection to the people and experiences you'll discover, and look forward to you joining our community soon.

parent library volunteer



I volunteer at the library regularly. I get to understand what the students are like, what teachers are like, and I can find books I think my daughter will like.

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picture of alumni Ryo Yasuda

Ryo Yasuda

Class of 2015

I didn’t really stand out in class but I always loved entertaining people and I'm grateful to YIS for offering opportunities to express ourselves.

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Kalea Profile Picture


High School Student

This year I will be participating in the trip to Cambodia, and I am excited to experience it first hand and see the changes that we can make.

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Marc Profile Picture


Middle School Student

We play with anybody, not just our close friends. At lunch, we sit with different people not just the same people everyday. It's a very accepting community.

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Aaron Profile Picture

Aaron Reed

Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher

I’ve been creating pictures since I could hold a crayon, did my university studies in art and design, and have been painting, drawing, and making stuff all my life. What is best about teaching art is working with children.

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Curt Patterson

Curt Patterson

Japanese Music Teacher

Musical growth and development in students is a very tangible thing and it is exciting to be a facilitator of that. The fruits of our efforts are meant for sharing. This brings joy to both the musician and our audience.

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Arishana Riek

Arishana Riek

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Teaching through a conceptual lens that is based in inquiry allows for so many “aha moments” in the day, both teaching and learning.  I’m often in awe of the students’ thinking.

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Sina Profile Picture



For us as parents, it is a pleasure to witness how confident our daughters are that their actions will make our world a better place.

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profile picture of Ryuta, high school student


High School Student

Without music, I wouldn’t be able to express my feelings and communicate well. I use my instruments as my style of communicating to others.

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Jacky Profile Picture


Middle School Student

At YIS everyone is supportive of each other. Last year when I was new, I remember how other students helped me learn the buildings and where to go, and whenever I have a problem there's always someone there to help me.

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Matthew Sato Profile

Matthew Sato

Class of 2014

I am currently based in Los Angeles as a music composer writing music for several upcoming short films. In L.A., I am able to network through projects and mutual friends and also through fellow YIS Alumni.

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I created the YIS Tokyo Parents Group to connect YIS parents who live in Tokyo. We get together regularly for coffees to get to know one another and to help each other out.

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