Service is an integral part of the learning experience at YIS. It involves our community as leaders, learners, guardians and citizens. Through service we develop empathy, gain knowledge of real needs, enter into mutually beneficial relationships and take action.


Service is a core part of who we are. It exemplifies what we believe about the way we should treat each other. It also sustains the spirit of support and care that YIS is known for. Service allows our school to contribute to and make a positive impact on local, national and international communities. It is action-focused and an integrated part of the learning program. Service brings opportunities to make connections between the curriculum and communities beyond the classroom.


Why do we emphasize service at YIS?

The primary purpose of service at YIS is to enrich the learning of our students while helping others. We consider service to be an integral part of holistic learning. It provides hands-on, real-world learning that fosters caring members of society while addressing the needs of others. Service breaks down barriers, including differences in age, gender, ethnicity, academic or physical ability, and is something everyone can be involved in. Service allows the giver and receiver to benefit equally, even though that benefit may be of a completely different nature.


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