Japanese Culture

Student holding a frame as part of the washi making process
Students sit cross legged in a rectangle with the elements necessary for a tea ceremony in front of them
An elementary student, in traditional Japanese dress, holding a fan as part of a traditional dance
students taking part in taiko drumming holding the drum stick up in front of them
Japanese Koto Performance
An ikebana teacher smiling as a student adjusts a leaf on an arrangement
student gathered around a table preparing to make onigiri
A fully loaded kiln; different coloured mugs made by students are on the top shelf
A student decorating a black tile in preparation for gold leaf being applied
A hand pressing leavings in to unfinished washi paper

Our Japanese Culture Program helps students from the Early Learning Center (ELC) through Grade 12 develop an appreciation of, and respect for, the unique and rich culture of our host country through traditional and modern arts, culture classes and wide-ranging interactions with community organizations, artists, and other groups. As they learn about Yokohama and Japan, students across the school gain an enriched understanding of their own cultures and their place in the world.