At YIS, we believe that a meaningful Outdoor Education program guides students to Live in Wilderness Environments, Learn through Expedition and Adventure and Lead oneself and others through challenge.

At Yokohama International School, we believe that a meaningful Outdoor Education programme guides students to live in wilderness, learn through expeditions and lead self and others through challenge. Our scaffolded Expeditions enable the learner to make sufficient gains in skills, knowledge and understanding through adventurous journeys and outdoor pursuits whilst developing a risk taking attitude. Age appropriate wilderness settings allow the learner to discover, explore and engage with the natural world so that they may strengthen their connections to the land and gain a sense of place within it. Being mindful of environmental impact, students practice using the natural world for their own wellness as they develop an appreciation for outdoor living and a fit for life mindset. Leadership, self management and collaboration opportunities empower students to make meaningful connections with each other, the classroom and everyday life.

YIS Expeditions are an integral part of the curriculum. The experiences are rigorous and stimulating and provide opportunities for our students to pursue a balanced and holistic education. The health and well-being of our students is managed with care through YIS’s thorough and systematic Risk Assessment and Management practices.