Tuition & Fees

Please click on the titles for details on our tuition and fees, payment and bank account details and financial regulations. YIS tuition fees are comprehensive and include the cost of school-issued computers/tablets, IBDP, ISA and PSAT external examinations (excluding resits), as well as most expeditions and field trips. Expenses for PE uniforms, cafeteria service and some long-distance extracurricular activity-related travel are paid by parents/guardians separately.

Scholarships are granted to students whose parents are employed by companies that join our Corporate Contribution Program. Please contact the Business Office for further information.

2019-20 Fees and Financial Regulations

Tuition and Fees

Annual Fees:

First Payment

Second Payment

Per Year


(Due Jul. 31, 2019)

(Due Dec. 6, 2019)






Early Learning Center – Half Day




Early Learning Center – Full Day




Grades Kindergarten - 5




Grade 6 - 11




Grade 12




Campus Development Fee


Technology Insurance Fee (Grades 6 – 12 only)



One-Time Fees:

Application Fee



Registration Fee



Note: All fees are per student and payable in Japanese Yen only.


YIS is a not-for-profit educational institution that relies almost entirely on school fees to cover operating expenses. The school is subject not only to the cost pressures of operating in Japan but also to competitive forces in the wider international schools market. Parents should therefore anticipate a modest annual increase in school fees, and financial donations to the capital campaign for the new campus and/or other fundraising initiatives that help enhance school programs are gratefully accepted. 




Payment and Bank Account Details

With the exception of the application fee, which may also be made by credit card or by cash in person, all payments must be made in full by bank transfer to one of the following school bank accounts:

SMBC Trust Bank (SMBC信託銀行)
Bank code: 0300
Yokohama Branch (branch code: 736)
Saving Account (FUTSU) No. 7579973

A/C Name: Yokohama International School


Bank code: 0138


Motomachi Branch (branch code: 311)

Saving Account (FUTSU) No. 1708779

A/C Name: Yokohama International School

To ensure payments are properly credited to the designated student, please make sure all payments include the full name of each student and/or the invoice reference number. (Please note that bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the individual or company transferring the funds.)

Financial Regulations

1. Applications will only be considered received and valid upon receipt of a non-refundable application fee of 25,000 yen per student. Payment may be made by credit card online, bank transfer or cash in person at our Business Office. Payment must be submitted to the school at the time of application.

2. To acknowledge acceptance and confirm enrollment, parents/guardians of all newly accepted students are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of 850,000 yen per student and complete an online enrollment agreement. The invoice for this fee is mailed along with the official letter of acceptance and is due within 30 days, or at least two business days before the student’s first day of attendance, whichever comes first. If the fee is not paid within 30 days of invoice date, space cannot be guaranteed. If an applicant who is accepted for enrollment between August and December requests that enrollment be deferred until January or later in the school year, a place may be reserved only if there is sufficient capacity in the applicable grade level and the registration fee is paid upfront within 30 days of original invoice date. Again, the registration fee is non-refundable and will not be returned if the student fails to enroll during the school year for which she/he applied. Enrollment more than two school years after the originally requested date of enrollment requires reapplication.

3. Tuition fees are billed in two equal payments due, respectively, on July 31, 2019 for the academic period from August through December 2019, and December 6, 2019 for the academic period from January through June 2020. All fees, including any outstanding charges, must be settled before commencement of classes. Tuition fees for new students are due and payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice or at least two business days prior to the commencement of classes, whichever comes first. Tuition fees are not refunded in whole or in part if the student has attended more than five days of school from the start of the school year in August or five days from the first day of classes in January following the Winter Break.

4. Invoices are sent by regular mail to parents/guardians of students, who are ultimately responsible for the timely payment of all school fees, even in the case where an employer may be paying the fees on their behalf.

5. For enrollment of students entering school after the Autumn Break or after the Spring Break, tuition is calculated based on quarters. Attendance for any portion of a quarter necessitates payment for the entire quarter.

6. The 150,000 yen annual campus development fee and 10,000 yen technology insurance fee (grades 6 – 12) are billed in full together with the first tuition invoice of the school year and are not pro-rated for mid-year entry nor refunded in whole or in part if a student withdraws after attending more than five days of school.

7. With the exception of the application fee, which may also be made by credit card or by cash in person, all payments must be made in full by bank transfer to either of the school’s bank accounts listed on the invoice. To ensure payments are properly credited to the designated student, all payments must include the full name of each student. (Please note that bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the individual or company transferring the funds.) For official receipt of bank transfer, the bank’s receipt stamp should be requested at the time of the transfer. Alternatively, a transfer confirmation slip/receipt or a computer printout of the transfer receipt along with the invoice should be retained.

8. A late charge of 2.5% per month will apply to any unpaid fee amounts more than 30 days overdue. Students with outstanding accounts (i.e., unpaid fees more than 30 days overdue) may have their activities privileges curtailed and those whose accounts are overdue by 60 days or more may have their enrollment revoked by the school and will not be guaranteed a place in any subsequent enrollment period. Exceptions to this policy will only be granted in rare cases of financial hardship due to sudden family emergency and at the discretion of the Head of School, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors. Students must have all outstanding fees cleared from their accounts before being allowed to re-enroll. Official transcripts, grade reports, transfer documentation and other school records will only be released upon receipt of full payment (including any late payment penalties) of all outstanding fees.

9. In mid-March parents/guardians of all enrolled students will be sent a re-enrollment deposit invoice of 250,000 yen per student, which must be paid by April 15 in order to guarantee a place for the following school year. An online re-enrollment agreement must also be completed at this time. The re-enrollment deposit will be applied to the new school year’s first tuition payment. Places cannot be guaranteed for those who do not pay the deposit and complete the re-enrollment agreement by April 15th. Any outstanding charges, including late fees, must be settled before the re-enrollment deposit is recognized. If parents/guardians pay the deposit but subsequently withdraw their child(ren) prior to the start of the new school year, the deposit will be refunded minus an administrative fee based on the date they submit a formal Withdrawal Notice and bank information to the main school office. (See the following schedule.)




(250,000 yen per child)


Date Withdrawal Notice Received by School Office



Administrative Fee
(per deposit)



Amount to Be Refunded
(per deposit)


April 16 - 30

100,000 yen

150,000 yen

May 1 – 31

125,000 yen

125,000 yen

June 1 – 30

150,000 yen

100,000 yen

July 1 – 31

175,000 yen

75,000 yen

August 1 – 15

200,000 yen

50,000 yen

August 16 or later

250,000 yen

0 yen


YIS assumes that those who do not pay the deposit by April 15th and complete the online re-enrollment process will not be returning to school the following school year and therefore does not reserve space after that date. If they subsequently request re-enrollment, such requests will be considered subject to space availability and payment of an administrative fee of 75,000 yen per child for reinstatement.

10. Parents/guardians withdrawing their child(ren) from YIS during the school year must notify the School Office in writing at the earliest opportunity by submitting a Withdrawal Notice. Per regulation number 3 above, students withdrawing before the end of classes in December are responsible for the full first payment amount if they have attended more than five school days from the beginning of classes in August. Likewise, students who have attended more than five days from the beginning of classes in January following the Winter Break and subsequently withdraw before the end of the school year are responsible for the full second payment amount.

11. The school no longer grants long-term leaves of absence. Students who withdraw from school for their own reasons may reapply for admission subject to regular admissions procedures, including payment of the application fee. Enrollment is subject to regular screening requirements and space availability. In the case of students who are readmitted within two years of withdrawal, the Registration Fee will be waived.