Corporate Contribution Program

The Corporate Contribution Program (CCP) is a special corporate scholarship program that is available for organizations that are responsible for covering expatriate employees' educational expenses. Instead of paying tuition and applicable fees, companies agree to make donations to the school. The donations are used partly to fund special corporate scholarships, which are awarded to dependents of participating companies. The donations are also a key part of the school’s annual fundraising program.

Mutual Advantages

Under an authorized agreement established in 1978 with Japan's National Tax Administration Agency, scholarships funded under the CCP are not taxable as personal income in Japan. Corporations are thus able to avoid the grossing up tax impact on these educational benefits. The precise tax savings depend on salary level and other considerations. In addition to advantages for corporations and their employees, participation in the CCP generates much needed additional income for the school. This supplemental income supports a range of important school programs, facilities and activities that directly impact the quality of education at YIS and help us to enhance the educational experience for all students.

Eligibility and Participation

If you would like to find out more about the CCP, please contact our business manager, Kaya Ito, at or 045-624-3448 for further information on the benefits of the program, eligibility requirements and other details.