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Contracts and Benefits

The YIS Board of Directors views excellent faculty and staff as the school’s greatest asset, and compensation and benefits are maintained at a competitive level vis-a-vis other top-level international schools in Japan and elsewhere. Faculty and staff are able to live comfortably in Yokohama or nearby, enjoy good health care and other services, and save reasonably for the future.

Employee Categories and Contracts 

The great majority of teaching staff and senior leadership positions are hired from outside Japan for the sole purpose of working for the school and are employed under a two-year Overseas Initial Hire contract, after which they may be offered a Foreign Hire contract, which is for one year and renewable. Japanese nationals and longtime or permanent residents of Japan applying for teaching positions are hired under Local Hire contracts, which are for one year and renewable. Most administrative and support staff positions are under Local Hire contracts. The normal contract year runs from August 1 through July 31. Compensation and benefit packages vary depending on the employee category and contract type. The base salary is the same for overseas/foreign hires and local hires within any employment category, but some benefits may differ. Details regarding compensation packages are provided during the application process. 


The school applies for certificates of eligibility in Japan for teachers and their family members who are coming from overseas. The teacher uses this certificate to apply for the appropriate Japanese visa in their country of residence in order to have the visa before entering Japan. The visa is valid for three years, after which it may be extended.

Safeguarding and Provisional Contracts

In conjunction with our safe recruiting policy, contract agreements are initially offered on a provisional basis until background screening is satisfactorily completed.

A Warm Welcome

Incoming Transportation Allowance

Overseas Initial Hire teachers receive a single one-way economy class air ticket for themselves and their dependents from their home of record or current employment to Tokyo along with ground transportation on to Yokohama.

Settling-In and Shipping Allowances
Upon moving to Japan, Overseas Initial Hire teachers receive a one-time cash allowance of ¥600,000 (one per household) and two weeks of hotel accommodation to help them get settled in. They are also provided with an Incoming Shipping Allowance of 2m3  per teacher plus 2m3 for a spouse and 1m3 for each child to a maximum of two children.

Reasons to Stay

Bonus for Continuing Employment 

Full-time employees in their third year of employment and beyond who are continuing employment with the school the following year receive a bonus in June equivalent to one month’s base salary. 

Personal Professional Development Funding

Teachers are eligible for a generous annual allowance to pursue professional learning opportunities that contribute to student learning through continual improvement of teaching and assessment strategies and practices.

Home Leave Allowance

An annual home leave allowance is provided to all full-time teachers and their dependents in years 2 - 10 of employment, contingent upon returning for the following school year.  

Educational Allowances

Overseas Initial Hire and Foreign Hire teachers with dependent children are eligible to receive a Basic Educational Allowance to cover the full cost of school registration and tuition fees. Please note that due to Japanese law this allowance is paid as taxable compensation. In addition to the Basic Educational Allowance, they receive a Supplemental Educational Allowance that is intended to cover about half of the tax burden. The Supplemental Educational Allowance is also subject to taxation.

Attractive Remuneration and Benefits


Salaries are competitive with other international schools and starting levels are based on prior experience. There is a basic 12-step salary scale for teachers, and those newly joining the school generally qualify for one incremental credit for every year of teaching experience up to point 5 on the scale, and thereafter one incremental credit for every three full years of teaching experience up to a maximum entry point of step 10 on the scale. Additional steps are in place for positional leaders. Salaries for administrative and support staff are based on a similar scale system. All compensation is paid in Japanese yen.

Activity Stipends

Faculty and staff supervising activities are eligible for additional pay per session/season depending on the type of activity and time commitment.


Overseas initial hire and foreign hire teachers are eligible for housing provision, the amount of which is based on marital status and family size. Most teachers are able to find suitable accommodation in Yokohama well within this provision, while those who prefer to live in Tokyo may need to stretch a bit. The school assists new teachers in finding rental housing and holds the lease to the apartment/house through a “legal rent” system that enables the housing provision to be exempt from taxation. A taxable housing allowance is also available for eligible foreign hire teachers who choose to purchase their home, although this is rare for those who are not intending to stay in Japan long-term. 

Health & Pension Insurance

As required by the Japanese government, all full-time staff are enrolled in Japanese social insurance through the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools in Japan (PMAC, also known in Japanese as Shigaku Kyosai). This comprehensive health and social care insurance program includes medical insurance and other short-term benefits, pension and disability insurance, and various ancillary services and benefits. The combined monthly premium is shared equally by the employee and employer, and the employee portion of the premium is tax deductible. 

Medical insurance covers 70% of healthcare costs for members and their eligible dependents at the point of delivery. An optional supplemental insurance to cover the 30% co-pay in Japan plus medical insurance cover overseas is also available. Contributions to the pension insurance are recoverable at end of service via lump-sum payment if leaving Japan within 9 years or as an old-age pension or pension credit if staying longer or retiring to countries with which Japan has mutual social security treaties. Details will be provided during the application process.

Dependents: A dependent spouse or child(ren) may be enrolled under the employee’s PMAC insurance, provided that their annual income does not exceed ¥1.3 million yen. (Note: For teaching couples, each teacher will be enrolled separately with any dependent child(ren) enrolled together with the teacher who is classified as head of household.) If a trailing spouse has income above that threshold, he/she must enroll in social insurance through an employer or at their own cost via the National Health Insurance and National Pension Insurance schemes for individuals.

Annual Paid Leave

In addition to annual paid leave during official school holiday periods, faculty and staff are eligible for paid leave for sickness, bereavement, weddings, maternity/paternity, and other personal circumstances.