Strategic Plan



Maintaining a safe and healthy school environment and actively engaging in experiences that promote and develop wellness for all members of our community is essential to living well and improving learning.

Students laughing as they work at a Service table during Food Fair


Guiding statement:

When we care for our hearts, minds and bodies we live and learn well.


  • All our students make informed choices and take advantage of opportunities available to them in order to be well.
  • All our students improve their skills, strategies and understandings to develop independence in caring for their well-being.
  • All our students feel safe and can make appropriate and sufficient gains in their learning through teachers’ use of an articulated E-12 wellness program to identify student learning needs and inform planning, instruction and assessment.
  • Decision making systems and structures are designed with healthy work-life balance as a priority.
  • Articulated wellness programs for teachers and parents helps them be well and better support the children in our community.


Guiding statement:

Students, families, and faculty are supported through transitions, giving them confidence to contribute to the learning community at YIS.


  • All our families are prepared for changes to students’ learning contexts, allowing students to focus on learning in their new environment.
  • All our students develop resilience and embrace changes that enable them to grow as learners.
  • New YIS families learn about and feel comfortable in their new environment through supportive transitions into the school, community and host country.


Guiding statement:

Students, parents, faculty and staff feel safe at school and enjoy school-community relationships based on trust and respect.


  • All community members feel safe at school as a result of safeguarding systems and policies that are regularly reviewed and benchmarked to ensure they are of the highest standard.
  • All community members have a clear understanding of the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures as well as their individual and collective responsibilities in keeping children safe.
  • Community members are protected and the institution’s long-term sustainability ensured by robust emergency preparedness, risk management and business continuity policies and procedures.