Strategic Plan



Believing that holistic education is fundamental to learning and growth, we provide a multifaceted learning program that extends classroom learning with broader opportunities for exploration and personal development.

Students and teachers from the YIS Underwater Explorers Club


Guiding statement:

Service learning is an integral part of the learning experience at YIS, involving students, staff and other members of our community as leaders, learners, guardians and citizens. Through service we develop empathy, gain knowledge of real needs, enter into mutually beneficial relationships and take action.


  • All our students can articulate why they engage in service learning and can demonstrate their progress according to considered expectations.
  • All our students apply research, preparation, action and reflection in authentic service learning opportunities that make a positive impact on local, national or international communities.
  • All our students make connections between the curriculum and communities beyond the classroom and take action to address authentic needs.


Guiding statement:

Outdoor education is an integral part of the learning program where students develop an appreciation and awareness of the natural environment and the opportunities it can provide. Students develop interpersonal, personal and outdoor skills through adventurous wilderness journeys and experiences.


  • All our students make appropriate gains in their learning through active engagement in a scaffolded and cohesive outdoor education program.
  • All our students make connections and transfer their outdoor education skills and knowledge to and from classroom experiences and everyday life in a way that is appropriate to them as learners and increases over time.
  • Students make connections and transfer their accumulated outdoor education skills and knowledge in an independently planned multi-day experience that encapsulates our school’s mission.


Guiding statement:

We promote an appreciation of and respect for our host country through interactions with community organizations, artists, and other groups. As we learn about Japan, we develop an understanding of our own cultures and our place in global society.


  • All our students improve their learning by engaging with Japan experts, resources and experiences that allow them to make authentic connections with the host country.
  • All our students develop knowledge and understanding about Japanese culture through active participation in and contributions to the local community.
  • All our students develop a better understanding of their own culture and their place in the world through Japanese cultural learning experiences.
  • Everyone in our school community has opportunities to discover, explore and celebrate our host culture.