The governance structure at YIS consists of the Board of Directors , the Board of Trustees and the Auditors. There are clear distinctions between the roles and responsibilities of each group. In simple terms:
  • The Head of School and other school employees manage the school’s day-to-day operations and implement school policy.
  • The Board of Directors, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) , oversees the Head of School, provides strategic direction for the school and sets school policy.
  • The Board of Trustees must approve major actions taken by the school (sale of assets, etc.), and generally acts as an oversight body for the Board of Directors.
  • The Auditors must also approve major actions taken by the school (sale of assets, etc.), and generally play an oversight role for both the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. In addition, they are responsible for submitting an annual report regarding the financial and management status of the school to the prefectural government.

Board members adhere to a Code of Ethical Conduct, which places focus on protecting the future wellbeing of the school and serving as a two-way communication “connection” between the school and members of the community, but not as a “representative” or “advocate” for any individual or group within the community.

We encourage parents and alumni to play an active role in the school’s governance through membership on the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees and participation in the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is normally held in early November. Besides electing the Board of Directors, the AGM provides an opportunity for the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the administration to update the community on the status of the school. The AGM may be attended by members of the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, parents or legal guardians of students, former students of the School of age 25 or more who have registered with the school, and faculty members.

For some further insights regarding our governance structure, see this article by former Board of Directors chair Bill Werlin.

Governance Documents

The Act of Contribution is the master document for the school. It defines the fundamental existence of YIS as a legal entity and provides the basic framework needed to allow YIS to carry out its function as an international school. This framework includes the separate responsibilities and scope of authority of the three main groups: the AGM, the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees. Please note that the Act of Contribution is only intended to cover the big picture, not to define all of the operational specifics, policies or procedures. Those details are covered in the YIS Constitution, which spells out the nomination and election procedures for both Boards, schedule and procedures for the AGM, and formalities of voting by both Boards. Further details are available in the Board Governance Manual.

School Governance Bodies