Faculty and Staff

Teachers are the most important asset of any school and YIS is no exception. Our dedicated faculty and staff reflect the international nature of our community, representing over 16 different nationalities, and have tremendous collective breadth and depth of experience in international education. Over half of our faculty hold advanced degrees and many others are currently working towards additional qualification. Our multicultural senior leadership team possesses educational insight and experience gleaned from years of teaching and international school administration. Above all, our teachers love working with children and helping them to grow and develop. We seek to inspire students and to provide them with the academic and social skills that will enable them to fulfill their potential as responsible global citizens.

As a school and faculty, we are committed to ongoing professional learning. This includes taking advantage of our own wealth of pedagogical knowledge and experience through regular in-service training, as well as leadership and participation in workshops, conferences and other training opportunities hosted by international education organizations throughout Asia and beyond.

We are interested in excellent teachers who are passionate about education and are willing and able to contribute to the school and student life in a wide variety of ways. Please see our Work at YIS page for information on our approach to professional learning, life in Yokohama, a list of vacancies, and more.

In Our Words

At YIS, we actively communicate our ideas on education and leadership, thus nurturing an environment of pedagogical dialogue and dynamic inquiry. "In Our Words," is an outlet where administrators, teachers and staff share their thoughts, ideas and observations about teaching, learning and community, to spark conversations and growth throughout the school. 


Becoming a Member of Our Community

This year, our journey to deepen connections with the Honmoku community has unfolded through a variety of innovative service and exchange programs.  

Grade 12 Music Recitals: The Finale

The new IBDP curriculum of music is designed around the many verbs that apply to the modern musicians' experience. It might seem obvious that the subject of music should focus on what professional musicians do everyday but that hasn’t always been the case.  

Dragon Dining: Discover The Grainery!

Have you noticed the newest addition in our campus cafeteria? It's none other than The Grainery, our very own oat milling machine. We're thrilled to announce that YIS is the only school in the world with such a unique feature. 

Global Citizen Diploma: Leading to a Better Future

At its core, the GCD is designed to enhance student learning beyond the classroom, turning to a holistic approach that incorporates cultural literacy, social awareness and a deep understanding of global issues.

Embracing Leadership and Impact

Leadership has always been an important part of our learning program and guiding statements at YIS. We aim to empower all members of our learning community to embrace leadership dispositions and opportunities that will have a positive impact and make a difference.