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Companionship and Belonging
Companionship and Belonging

by Craig Coutts, Head of School

One of the things I like best about this time of the year is that people, regardless of their religion or cultural background, use Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year to thank others and think about those around them. Some take it further and offer this time as a chance to say sorry or make a fresh start or create new beginnings, all of which pulls us together in an environment of positivity and hope.

As is common at schools this time of year, the last few weeks have been long and tiring and many of us are just a little grumpy and hanging on for the break ahead of us. However, one thing that our community does, and does well, is provide us with a sense of grounding through companionship and belonging, to protect us from being overwhelmed by these feelings. In doing so, it offers us a chance to overcome ourselves, and to forgive and forget. Our community allows us to be ourselves, while also giving us a group to feel a part of and feel responsible for.

I have been very guilty lately of not making the time to step outside and talk with people as much as I should have been. I can make many excuses, but none seem particularly relevant when I consider that interaction and communication within a community is the key to its foundation and connection. There is a list of things I need to follow-up on in the new year, but taking the time to cultivate those daily connections with the community will be near the top my New Year's resolutions for 2019!

So, as you make your way through the last week of term, ensure you take the time to make those end of year connections with people who are in your community circle and make a date to get together with them in the New Year. We as a school will be doing just that when we come back from the break. Following on from the Annual General Meeting, where we spoke at length about the campus development and what this will mean for our community, we will be in a position to engage more fully with you all regarding the intended move and will ensure that we answer questions, solve potential problems and plan together so we can all be excited about building a new place we will call home for our school community.

Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year to you all.