Board Chair's Message

Dear YIS Community:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to warmly welcome all our families – new and returning – to the start of the 2017-18 academic year. I hope it will be an enjoyable and rewarding year for all. The YIS Board of Directors is elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November attended by parents, faculty, staff and alumni, and is thus accountable to the school community. The Board is charged with providing strategic direction, maintaining a healthy financial condition, developing and revising school policies, and serving as an advisory source for the school administration, which is responsible for all academic and operational matters. We are fortunate to have a stable and experienced Board whose members are dedicated to the long-term success of the school.

Under the able leadership of Craig Coutts and his team, the school is in a very strong position, with steady enrollment and a reputation that extends well beyond Japan’s shores and attracts some of the best educators from top-level international schools around the world. The school continues to capitalize on the synergies and strength of its IB academic offerings, and ongoing initiatives in service, leadership and expeditions are creating even greater opportunities for our children to live, learn and lead.

The school’s financial position is also sound, although we face the continuing challenges of attracting and retaining the best teachers in a highly competitive international school market and of providing a top-level teaching and learning environment amidst aging and confined campus facilities. The Board is focusing particular effort on ensuring a safe, healthy and inspiring environment for teaching and learning well into the future.

As encapsulated in our mission and values, I believe the strength of education lies in fostering growth in personal and intellectual expression as well as in cultivating the students’ natural longing to be mindful of all beings. As a YIS alumnus and parent of three alumni, I know and appreciate not only the benefits of a YIS education but also the wonderful sense of togetherness that comes with being a part of this truly special community. I hope that you all will likewise enjoy and make the most of your time here.

Best regards,

Lester Yoshinami-Hitachi

Chairman, Board of Directors