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Elementary School Student

I like music because I can express my emotions in a different way. I’m self-taught on the piano and I love coming up with my own songs.

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Middle School Student

I love the new Honmoku campus for its modern and spacious build. My favorite place to spend time is the fourth floor deck.

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High School Student

The amount of freedom and flexibility the school gives us really shows the trust teachers have in us as students. There are so many opportunities to get involved and to discover new interests. 

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Elementary School Student

I am a part of service learning and I like that because we get to help the homeless and poor. I am also involved in drama production. I haven't done it before but it will be a new experience for me and I am excited to start.

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Rod Malig

Head Lifeguard/Swimming Coach

I volunteered and helped with water safety when I was still in the Philippines, so for most of my life aquatics has played a large role.


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Larissa Sears

Gr. 2 Learning Assistant & ES Service Learning Coordinator

I love being able to share my passion for gardening with our Grade 2 students through our hands-on kitchen gardening for Service Learning.


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Daniel Patterson

Kindergarten Learning Assistant

Living in Japan there are countless places to explore, and always new things to see and plenty of international opportunities to experience.


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Steven Heere

Grade 1 Elementary School Teacher

I'm passionate about outdoor learning, environmental education, makers education, and science.


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I feel completely welcome and relaxed at YIS, I have found soulmates here. That’s how wonderful this community is.

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Since my time as a student at YIS I have wanted my children to get educated in the same wonderful environment I grew up in.

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The climate change and sustainability action event that was held by students, faculty, administration and parents last year stands out for me.

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I volunteer at the library regularly. I get to understand what the students are like, what teachers are like, and I can find books I think my daughter will like.

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Saya Kawabe

Class of 2019

I am currently studying at UBC in Vancouver, Canada, majoring in Economics and minoring in Urban Studies.

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Nikita Modekurti

Class of 2015

YIS has a very international environment and teaches values of not just tolerance, but acceptance. Truly a school that embraces and celebrates all cultures, faiths, genders, orientations, and abilities. It’s a little more difficult to find that out in the ‘real world’, and I would like my future children to experience similar respectful values that YIS has.

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Leslie Helm

Class of 1973

I was born and raised in Japan as were both my parents as well as one of my grandfathers.

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Nic Hamada

Class of 2003

As the new campus project developed, Taisei Corporation came to realize that I had been a student at YIS, so they asked me to join the project because of the close connection. 

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Building for our learning community

Our new purpose-built campus in Honmoku unleashes myriad learning opportunities for students, teachers and parents.

Student Leadership Retreat

In line with our mission of Live, Learn, Lead, at YIS we believe leadership can be learned. What is leadership, and what are the practices that make someone a good leader?

Expeditions at YIS

Adventurous wilderness expeditions create authentic opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and conceptual understandings for life-long learning and appreciation of the natural world.

Learning at YIS

Learning changes our thinking and behaviors, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent reasoning.