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Nourish: The 5th Annual Conference on Well-being
Nourish: The 5th Annual Conference on Well-being


Nourish: The 5th Annual Conference on Well-being will be held at Yokohama International School on Saturday 18th of February from 9:00 am until 12:30 pm. All parents, staff and faculty are welcome. The theme of this year's conference is "It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood."

At 9:00 am we'll begin in the Loft with four short talks by Kimi Pichardo, Graham Laing, John Snowball and Monna McDiarmid. Each speaker will talk about some aspect of their life that has helped them thrive. Kimi will also lead a drama game to get our hearts moving.

At 10:30 am we'll move into workshops and participants will sign up for one of the following strands. Please note that participants will attend both workshops in their strand. Participation for each strand will be capped at 30.

Strand A:

Workshop 1: Helping girls find their passion and interests

Facilitators: Adam Clark and Eliza Kumamoto

More and more frequently around the world we are seeing cases of depression and anxiety derailing our girls as they move up from childhood into adolescence and adulthood. Come to this discussion oriented session and see what can be done to help girls navigate the world of real-relationships, social media, and body-image expectations. The groundwork is set earlier than we think!

Workshop 2: How to do hard things

Facilitators: Monna McDiarmid and Raveena Bhattacharjee (Student)

We'll start with some tools to help identify and dissolve limiting beliefs (how not to believe everything you think) and then we'll share some strategies for creating a concrete plan for making changes in your life (doing hard things) including the use of turtle steps.

Strand B:

Workshop 1: What your kids wish you knew

Facilitator: Damien Pitter

We asked your kids what they wished that adults knew. We'll share their responses, and talk about why they might have this perception. Our discussion will revolve around how to identify what you don't know and still need to learn and how you might learn those things.

Workshop 2: Wisdom

Facilitator: Adam Clark

In this session we will look at wisdom, happiness, and what it takes for us to lead more fulfilling lives starting right now.

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