Grade 2 Cross Cultural Lunch

Grade 2 Cross Cultural Lunch
Grade 2 Cross Cultural Lunch

For the past six weeks, our Grade 2s have been inquiring into how "People can be enriched by their own cultures and the cultures they connect with throughout their lives".

They investigated the meaning of culture, and the similarities and differences between cultures and cultural experiences that affect them. They focused on culture through the concepts of form, connection and perspective.

During the unit, the children visited the ICJC several times to experience calligraphy, make maki rolls and miso soup and learn about Sado (traditional tea ceremony), ikebana, taiko, and Japanese dance. For most students, these experiences were new. They also had the opportunity to think about their own personal, family, community, national and world cultures and to collect artifacts that represented them.

They shared this Culture Collection with the class parents by hosting a Cross-Cultural Lunch where they explained how their lives have been enriched by their own culture, as well as the cultures of others.

The celebration included a number of cultural performances, they sang a song called "People All Around the World" and played a song/game from Mexico. They taught and performed a dance for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and played two popular Japanese games. They also shared sculptures they had made of a person who helped make a memorable celebration special to them.

Thank you to all of our Grade 2 students for their hard work, and to their parents for coming along to share such wonderful food and experiences.

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