From Craig Coutts: Thanks for a Great Year!

From Craig Coutts: Thanks for a Great Year!
From Craig Coutts: Thanks for a Great Year!

Dear All:

The end of any school year is always a time that is full of mixed emotions. Everyone outside thinks that the excitement of the upcoming holiday is first and foremost in our minds, and in the case of the students (and parents) I think this is pretty much true. However for faculty this is just one part of a very complex mix of feelings that washes over us at this time.

Working in a school is dominated by definitive cycles that often overshadow seasons or even the calendar year; August for us is the new year after all. However, it is the cycle of people moving and changing that really defines our year. Reflection is a big part of the learning process and so at this time of the year we find ourselves reflecting on how our students have changed, grown up, developed their thinking, established themselves and their personalities. I think this is the greatest reward for us as we really do feel part of this process and there is an incredible sense of responsibility in making sure we get it right for our students.

There have been three 'graduations' over the final two weeks and each one has been a definitive and distinctive marker in the development of our students. The end of grade 5 is a time when we see our students move from being seen as children and start having a voice and a place. Grade 8 students all of a sudden seem to get it together and have an opinion they want us to hear. Seeing our grade 12 students walk across the stage on the surface has a sense of them making it to the end, yet the underlying feeling for everyone in the room is that things are really starting to open for them and the possibilities have just became infinite. All of these scenarios have been played out during these final weeks and as faculty we really do feel as if we are in the middle of it all - and that is the real exciting bit.

So as we reach the end of the school year we are all filled with these thoughts and perhaps feeling a little tired. However it is this time of reflection that brings us back to the incredible year we've had at YIS. We have continued to grow and build as a community and as a great place to live, learn and lead. For me YIS is still an amazing place to be part of as I hope it is for you.

Finally, as we find ourselves doing every year, we say goodbye to members of our community who have all in their way contributed in helping us build our school. I want to thank you all and wish you the very best for your new adventures ahead. I hope that YIS will continue to hold a special place in your heart. For everyone who is returning next year, I wish you a happy summer holiday ahead and very much look forward to seeing you again in the August to help us start our cycle once again.


Craig Coutts

Head of School

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